Pisa-Cremonese 0-0: Final score and highlights

Pisa-Cremonese 0-0: Final score and highlights
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  • In the next round, Pisa will play at Catanzaro Stadium, while Cremonese will host Venezia at home.4.05 pm

  • The first draw for Cremonese after 4 consecutive victories in the tournament, which keeps the Struppa team in fourth place in the standings.4.04 pm

  • The third draw in a row at home for Pisa, which with this result raises its score to 18 points.4.04 pm

  • The match at Arena Garibaldi ended in a goalless draw. Overall, the draw was fair, with scoring chances missed for most of the match. The match heats up in the last quarter-hour, and both teams have many opportunities to break the deadlock, which does not break until the final whistle.4.01 pm

  • 90’+6′

    The final whistle of the match. Pisa-Cremonese 0-03.59 pm

  • 90’+2′

    Piccinini’s right foot, from the back of Canestrelli, is very high and well placed.3.56 pm

  • 90’+1′

    Zanimacchia is on the ground in pain after a clash with Tramoni.3.54 pm

  • 90’+1′

    Four minutes of stoppage time.3.54 pm

  • 88′

    Great shot from Zanemacchia and a great save in the corner from Nicolas.3.52 pm

  • 88′

    Cross from the right flank was intercepted by Jongdahl.3.51 pm

  • 86′

    Change for Pisa. Attacking midfielder Mattia Vallotti leaves and striker Gaetano Masucci comes on.3.53 pm

  • 86′

    Change in attack for Cremonese. Massimo Coda comes out and Christian Bonioto comes on.3.49 pm

  • 84′

    An initiative by Barbieri, who tried to shoot from a long distance, but the goalkeeper rejected it.3.47 pm

  • 80′

    Another cross from Quagliata, this time for Coda’s header, which missed the goal.3.48 pm

  • 80′

    Quagliata entered the area and sent a cross from the outside to Okereke, whose header was blocked by Nicholas.3.43 pm

  • 78′

    Zanemacchia’s cross from the left side for Koda, who headed the ball but it missed the goal.3.42 pm

  • 77′

    Mlakar enters the area from the left side and tries to put it into the goal, but Ravanelli saves the goal scored into an empty net.3.42 pm

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  • 73′

    Cross from Quagliata, which Nicolas intercepts with a high fist before Coda.3.36 pm

  • 72′

    Zanimacchia tries to put him in his place, but his attempt is blocked by the defense.3.35 pm

  • 69′

    Yellow for Cremonese. Xan Majer was booked for hitting Falotti.3.33 pm

  • 67′

    Vallotti, at the invitation of Tramoni, tried to shoot from the edge of the penalty area, but the shot went wide of the goal.3.30 pm

  • 62′

    A change in the Cremonese midfield. Michele Castagnetti is out and Xan Majer is in.3.28 pm

  • 62′

    Change for Cremonese. Out comes winger Leonardo Cernicola and in comes defender Giacomo Quagliata.3.27 pm

  • 62′

    Change in attack for Pisa. Stefano Moreo comes out and Lisandro Tramoni comes on.3.26 pm

  • 62′

    Change for Pisa. Winger Marco D’Alessandro comes on and Ettore Gliozzi comes on.3.26 pm

  • 59′

    Koda shoots with his left foot from the edge of the goal, but the ball goes high.3.22 pm

  • 53′

    Castagnetti tried to shoot the ball with his left foot from outside the area, but the ball went wide of the goal.3.16 pm

  • 50′

    Yellow for Pisa. Simon Canistrelli was booked for the draw against Okereke.3.13 pm

  • 48′

    D’Alessandro fires a left-footed shot into the stands from outside the area.3.11 pm

  • 47′

    Jungdal clogs the corner with punches.3.10 pm

  • 46′

    beginning of the second half . The first ball played by Cremonesi.3.08 pm

  • 45′

    Change in attack for Cremonese. Franco Vazquez comes out and David Okereke comes on.3.11 pm

  • 45′

    A change in the Cremonese midfield. Out comes Charles Bickle and in comes Michele Colocolo.3.09 pm

  • 45′

    Change in Pisa’s full-back. Pietro Berwato comes out and Tommaso Barbieri comes on.3.09 pm

  • The first half ended in a goalless draw at Arena Garibaldi. The first half of the match was characterized by extreme tension, to the point that the referee had to show the yellow card 5 times, while there were not many scoring opportunities.2.53 pm

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  • 45’+3′

    The whistle ends the first half. Pisa-Cremonese 0-02.50 pm

  • 45’+2′

    Yellow for Cremonese. Franco Vazquez was booked for protesting.2.50 pm

  • 45’+1′

    Two minutes added time.2.48 pm

  • 43′

    An initiative by Mlakar, who returns and hits a powerful shot that Jongdal deflects into a corner kick.2.46 pm

  • 38′

    Vallotti attempts a personal action but when he reaches the edge of the area he misses the score.2.40 pm

  • 36′

    Bickle went down with a blow to his left knee after colliding with Marin.2.39 pm

  • 34′

    Punishment Castagnetti and Nicolas intervene with a high fist.2.36 pm

  • 33′

    Yellow for Pisa. Marco D’Alessandro was booked for a late challenge against Zanemacchia.2.37 pm

  • 31′

    Yellow for Cremonese. Leonardo Cernicola was booked for stomping on Berwato.2.34 pm

  • 30′

    Yellow for Pisa. Pietro Peruato has been booked for stomping on Cernicola.2.33 pm

  • 24′

    D’Alessandro passes the ball from the right side and puts it in the middle for Perwato, who fails to shoot it well and passes it to the goalkeeper.2.27 pm

  • 23′

    Vallotti is exposed to challenge inside the penalty area and falls, but the referee allows him to continue amid protests from the Nerazzurri players.2.26 pm

  • 23′

    Personal action from Marin, who passes the opponent through the tunnel and hits a sure shot, but Jongdal manages to block it.2.26 pm

  • 21′

    A great danger to Pisa. Another poor disengagement by Nicola, who tries to send Abrego on the edge of the penalty area, who is under pressure from Piccini, but fouls him.2.24 pm

  • 18′

    Vallotti’s right hand with the first intention, but the finish ends high.2.20 pm

  • 17′

    The referee warns one of Aquilani’s assistants to protest.2.19 pm

  • 15′

    Change in Pisa’s defense. Arturo Calabresi comes on and Hurtur Hermansson comes on.2.18 pm

  • 13′

    Calabresi is on the ground in pain due to a leg injury and does not appear to be able to continue the match.2.16 pm

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  • 12′

    Estevez loses a bloody ball and Koda takes advantage of it and receives it from the edge and tries to kick, but the shot is blocked by the defense.2.15 pm

  • 9′

    Cross from Zanemacchia for Coda, who waits for Canestrelli.2.11 pm

  • 6′

    A wrong back pass from Mlakar, Koda takes advantage of it and flies towards the goal, but he is unable to pass the last defender who stops him on the edge of the area.2.09 pm

  • 4′

    Penalty for Pisa, the ball thanks to a dash from Vallotti reaches Mlakar, who is waiting for Jongdal.2.07 pm

  • 2′

    Yellow for Cremonese. Matteo Bianchetti was booked on a charge of abstention from action against D’Alessandro.2.05 pm

  • Nikola makes a mistake in clearing the ball and hands the ball over to Koda, who misses the shot from an excellent position on the edge of the area.2.07 pm

  • The beginning of the match. The first ball played by Pisa.2.03 pm

  • Teams entering the field. The match will be refereed by referee Ivano Pizzuto, Lecce player.1.59 pm

  • Cremonese (3-5-2): Jongdahl; Antoff, Ravanelli, Bianchetti; Cernicola, Pickle, Castagnetti, Abrego, Zanemacchia; Vazquez, Coda coach: Giovanni Struppa1.46 pm

  • Program for International Student Assessment (4-2-3-1): Nicholas; Esteves, Canistrelli, Calabresi, Peruato; Piccinini Marine; Malakar, D’Alessandro, Vallotti; Morio’s coach: Alberto Aquilani2.09 pm

  • Last season’s match in Tuscany ended 3-0 for the hosts.1.33 pm

  • The guests are coming off 5 consecutive victories between the tournament and the Italian Cup, which enabled them to place fourth in the standings.1.32 pm

  • The home team is in mid-table, but has won only once in the last 5 days, on November 11 in S├╝dtirol.1.31 pm

  • Welcome to the Stadio Garibaldi in Pisa to watch the match between Pisa and Cremonese, a match valid for the 15th day of the Serie B tournament.1.30 pm

  • Where the match will be held:

    Stadium: Arena Garibaldi Romeo Anconetani
    City: Pisa
    Capacity: 25,000 spectators1.30 pm

    Source: Getty Images
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