Now there’s a great new SUV: everyone wants this DR

Now there’s a great new SUV: everyone wants this DR

The DR is a discovery of today’s auto market, and now a new model is on its way. Everything you want to know.

In 2006, in Macchia d’Isernia, in Molise, was created doctora highly sought-after Italian automaker Massimo Dirisio, who recently participated in the Mille Miglia. To tell the truth, it is not a real manufacturer, because it deals with the import of Chinese auto components such as Chery Auto And Jack Motorsthen compiled under license.

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Subsequently, he marketed it under four brand names, Which can be DR, EVO, Sportequipe and ICKX. In this recent period, the Italian brand has made great improvements and sales are going better and better, to the joy of the founder. The veil has recently been removed from a new creature, which is based on the previous model and brings several improvements with it. We expect that some improvements can be applied in terms of engine selection, but we’re clearly still talking about a young company that can grow.

DR, here’s the new 7.0 that raises the bar for everyone

The new home model was recently revealed doctorie 7.0. It is a rectangular version of about 20 inches compared to 6.0. Therefore, it turned out to be more spacious both in the rear seats and in the trunk, thus becoming an SUV that could become part of the middle and large class.

It is derived directly from the Chinese Chery Tiggo 7 Plus, and has very modern shapes, which, contrary to what one might think, are very elegant. The headlights are very thin and use Full LED technology, with an extra-large mask that enhances the front design.

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The roof can be opened and made of glass, to give you a unique driving experience also in terms of visibility and panoramas. For the cockpit we find digital instruments, With a large 12.5-inch screen in the middlewhere the multimedia system is located, it can be connected to your phones with the system Apple CarPlay And Android Auto.

The mechanics are taken entirely from the 6.0, with the front suspension showing the blueprint MacPherson and multi-link backend. Traction in the foreground With a 160-horsepower turbo engine, 1.5 petrol. The gearbox is automatic and has a dual clutch, and in this sense it differs from its predecessor. There is also a bi-fuel petrol and LPG version, a system from the Italian company BRC extension.

The gas tank is 57 litersThere are up to six airbags inside the vehicle. However, there are no modern driving aids, and the recommended version is always LPG, which will allow you to get good savings in terms of consumption. DR did a really good job, even if there are still some small issues to report. The habitability on board is excellent, but then it must be emphasized that there is no all-wheel drive version, and only one engine is available.

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