Genoa – Empoli: 0-0 Serie A 2021/2022. Final score and commentary on the match

  • Everything from Genoa – Cagliari, see you at the next Serie A match!14:30

  • Therefore, the redemption race in Genoa is difficult, 18 points in the standings and Cagliari’s redemption with 25 points.14:30

  • Griffin’s dreams of victory then hit the crossbar, after a powerful finale from Portanova touched by Vicario.14:30

  • Genoa decent can not find the goal and victory: Empoli defends itself well, with a vice a day.14:29

  • 90′ + 5′

    The end of Genoa – Empoli! 0-0 final, the sixth straight draw for the Griffonne.14:28

  • 90′ + 4′

    Tonelli saves on a distro who was about to finish with a sure shot, but the action is still up for offside.14:27

  • 90′ + 3′

    Piananamonte in the middle, Maksimovic pushes away: Empoli are trying in this final.14:26

  • 90′ + 1′

    Luberto! Header shot by the defender on the excellent Stolac free kick from a high!14:23

  • 90′

    Five minutes of recovery.14:22

  • 89′

    Gudmundsson in the middle, Ostegaard at the far post finds a header but not the goal.14:22

  • 88 ‘

    Tonelli is difficult for Gudmundsson, corner only for Aureliano.14:21

  • 87 ‘

    Gudmundsson returned to the field, and numerical equivalence was re-established.14:20

  • 86′

    Niccolo Rovilla warned. Yellow to protest the half that was forbidden. 14:18

  • 85 ‘

    Gudmundsson on the ground for a blow in the face: winger leaves the field, Genoa for a moment in ten.14:18

  • 84 ‘

    Rovilla focuses, pushes Tonelli away, and is also introduced to his aerial abilities.14:16

  • 83 ‘

    Hefti acquires a corner: once again the Empoli line area.14:16

  • 81 ‘

    the correct! Shot to the head, Vicario still obscured.14:13

  • 80 ‘

    Percussion of distro from the wing, Tonelli who went to protect Stojanovic, closes momentarily.14:13

  • 78 ‘

    Bandinelli recovering on Gudmundsson, Aureliano error whistle stopping guest restart.14:11

  • 77 ‘

    Genoa’s incredible speed Even after more than 75 matches, Empoli is suffering.14:10

  • 75 ‘

    The final quarter of the race, Genoa keep pushing but there are now spaces for Empoli’s counter-attacks.14:08

  • 74 ‘

    Bandinelli! Strong end for the mezala, serigo refuses!14:07

  • 73 ‘

    EMPOLI substitution: Kristjan Asllani exit and Leo Štulac entry.14:07

  • 73 ‘

    EMPOLI REPLACEMENT: Szymon Piotr Żurkowski exits, Lorenzo Tonelli enters.14:06

  • 71 ‘

    the correct! Head shot, high ball over the bar: Empoli who suffers a lot from Genoa kicks.14:04

  • 70′

    Filippo Bandinelli warned. Al-Amri was shot in yellow during protests in Al-Muzala. 14:02

  • 69′

    Badelge tries from a distance, very high ball: with Empoli all closed in their area, the Genoese are looking for a shot from outside.14:02

  • 67′

    Gudmundsson searches from a distance for the Seven but is sent to the side, Genoa who keeps pushing.14:00

  • 66 ‘

    Badelj tries to chime in with Destro, hitting the midfielder hard and sending him into the arms of Vicario.13:59

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  • 65′

    Hefty cross, Destro finds the head, not the strength: he pushes Luberto away.13:58

  • 64 ‘

    Andreazzoli is looking for evasive players to increase ball possession, Blessin changes in attack to introduce new troops.13:56

  • 63 ‘

    GNU replacement: Manolo Portanova exits, Niccol Rovilla enters.14:01

  • 62 ‘

    Genoa substitution: Filippo Meligoni exits, Nadim Amiri enters.14:01

  • 62 ‘

    Empoli substitution: Marco Benassi exits, Filippo Bandinelli enters.13:55

  • 62 ‘

    Empoli substitution: Nadim Grammy exits and Liam Henderson enters.13:54

  • 60′

    Vasquez! Portanova is in the zone defending the ball and serving to withdraw his defender: a conclusion that is close but ends very far from Vicario’s goal.13:52

  • 59′

    They kept pushing the Genoese, Empoli all into their trocar.13:52

  • 57 ‘

    Destro tries to get rid of Aslani’s power, mistake the party’s attack13:51

  • 56′

    Genoa substitution: Kelvin Yeboah exits and Mattia Destro enters.13:48

  • 55 ‘

    OSTIGARD! Header from the defender: Genoa are still close to scoring.13:48

  • 55 ‘

    Via Portanova! Strong conclusion from the outer edge, Vicar with his retriever hand puts the ball on the wood!13:48

  • 54 ‘

    Empoli now trying to relax with more continuity, Benassi is looking for Pinamonte but misses the launch.13:46

  • 53 ‘

    On free kick developments, Parisi kicks hard: the ball is high over the bar.13:45

  • 52 ‘

    EMPOLI REPLACEMENT: Valerio Verre exits and Andrea La Mantia enters.13:45

  • 51 ‘

    Benassi stretched by Vasquez on the edge of the Genoa region: Empoli’s Punishment.13:44

  • 50′

    The high pressure is always on Genoa, Aslani loses the ball, but Yeboah does not take advantage of it.13:43

  • 48 ‘

    Manolo Portanova warned. Do this by pressing Stojanovic, and happy outside to get the card. 13:41

  • 47 ‘

    The Genoese immediately started strong, forcing Romagnoli to sweep a Jeboah ball for Meligoni.13:39

  • 46 ‘

    For the second time in Genoa – Empoli begins!13:38

  • Tuscans who started the match well, touching the goal on two occasions with Bagrami, then a lot of Genoa that came close to excelling with Ostegaard, Maksimovic and Vázquez.13:38

  • Genoa is alive pushing, pressing and attacking throughout the entire first half but fails to overpower Empoli’s defences.13:38

  • 45′ + 2′

    First time in Genoa – Empoli ends! The score is still 0-0.13:22

  • 45′ + 1′

    Kelvin Yeboah warned. Wide elbow on Romagnoli in aerial contrast, also yellow for tip. 13:21

  • 45′

    One minute of recovery.13:20

  • 43 ‘

    Punishment of Genoa: Gudmundsson in the middle, pushes Luberto away.13:18

  • 42 ‘

    Sebastiano Luberto warned. Spracata on Yeboah is another yellow in the match. 13:18

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  • 41 ‘

    Stefano Storaro warned. Late intervention on Bgrami, an unsuccessful attempt to advance to the Genoese commander. 13:17

  • 41 ‘

    MILLIONS! Dribbling on Stojanovic has a strong conclusion, vigilant deputy in the fist.13:16

  • 40′

    Another danger to Empoli from a corner kick, a header from Yeboah missed Vicario’s goal.13:15

  • 39 ‘

    Going down Portanova, Benassi tunneled but in the moment of the shot, Zuekowski makes a corner.13:14

  • 38 ‘

    Vasquez! Headed by the defender, attentive deputy into the fist.13:13

  • 37 ‘

    Valerio Ferri warned. A very difficult intervention on Gudmundsson, which is a clear yellow for the former Sampdoria. 13:12

  • 36′

    Empoli slowing down the pace, many horizontal passes to get the Genoa out of the pressure.13:11

  • 34 ‘

    Alexander Plessin warned. Gallo to the technical protests for the punishment that was not assigned.13:09

  • 33 ‘

    Yeboah finds the Portanova Bank in the area, which is controlled by Stojanovic with the fall of the wing: Aureliano is nearby and says he can continue.13:08

  • 32 ‘

    Gudmundsson tries from a distance the ball is very far from Vicario’s goal.13:07

  • 31 ‘

    A ruthless intervention by Stojanovic who interrupts with the gentle Portanova, summons him.13:06

  • 29′

    Vázquez recovers and throws the ball and chain towards the Empoli area, and Zurkovsky closes it.13:04

  • 28 ‘

    Now it is Empoli to force Genoa into its own half, but the spaces given by locals are few.13:03

  • 26′

    However, Empoli are trying to lower the pace of possession, and continue to press high from Genoa.13:01

  • 24′

    What a chance for Portanova! A cross by Melegoni for the winger who, from two steps to the head, hits the whole Vicario!1:00 pm

  • 23 ‘

    Genoa took the reins of the match, forcing Empoli to defend.12:58

  • 21′

    Maksimovich! A header from the former Napoli centre, the ball that ends a few centimeters above the bar.12:55

  • 20′

    Genoa that keeps pushing, another Grifone spin-off.12:55

  • 19 ‘

    Aslani fled on the line! Ostegaard’s header that beat Vicario, the medium is moving away!12:54

  • 18 ‘

    Hefty throws Gudmundsson, a strong cross that forced Loberto to corner.12:52

  • 17′

    What a rhythm in these first few minutes, an open-ended and decidedly fun game.12:52

  • 15th ‘

    alternative! A strong result of the medium, the deputy stretches and freezes on the ground.12:50

  • 14′

    A cross from Gudmundsson, the ball that ends right below: a ready response from Griffin in the first minutes of Empoli.12:50

  • 13′

    Nothing he does in the corner for Genoa, pushes Loberto away.12:48

  • 12′

    Genoese corner, Baresi stop at the bottom of Hefti: towers rise from the local defense.12:47

  • 11′

    Baresi cross passes, Sirigu stretches and stops diving: what a start to the Empoli match.12:46

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  • 10′

    Empoli protests for the connection between Benassi and Maximovic Upon a potential win, the midfielder remains off the field. Empoli in ten.12:45

  • 9′

    More bgrammy! Conclusion From afar, Wrap almost taunts Sirigu who refuses to react!12:44

  • 8′

    Bajrami! Penalty from a dangerous situation for Empoli, the playmaker kicks towards seven but he barely finds Sirigu’s door.12:43

  • 7′

    Bajrami attempts the scheme by touching the wrong return ball to Verre: Gudmundsson’s far kick.12:41

  • 6′

    A cross from Baresi, Hefty puts it in a corner: the first corner of the match in favor of the Tuscans.12:41

  • 5′

    Good tour of Empoli and the Tuscans who respond to Genoa pressure.12:40

  • 3′

    Cross pass from Gudmundsson, Loberto attentive at the close point and expects Yeboah.12:38

  • 2′

    High rhythms on the spot, Genoa in a mass to squeeze in the Empoli half field.12:36

  • 1 ‘

    Clubs in the classic red and blue jersey, Empoli in a white suit.12:35

  • 1 ‘

    Start Genoa – Empoli! The first ball of buildings.12:35

  • The match will be refereed by Gianluca Aureliano.12:09

  • Statistical bead. Alexander Plessin is the second coach to tie his first-ever five Serie A games in a three-point era to win, after Sinisa Mihajlovic in 2008, who won Game Six. The last coach to make an impact in six consecutive Premier League matches was Leonardo Simplici (between March and April 2018 with SPAL), while Genoa scored only once in the competition six ‘X’ in a row, between September and October 1992.12:25

  • Andrazzulli is focusing on new signings Benassi and Vieri, the only Pinamonte striker with Di Francesco starting from the bench. Young talent Baresi emphasized on the left.12:08

  • Blissin leaves Destro on the bench for Leboah, the only striker in front of the trident of Gudmundsson, Mligoni and Portanova. The broker for the Storaro and Badelge couple.12:07

  • Available for EMPOLI: Ujkani, Furlan, Stulac, Henderson, Cutrone, Di Francesco, La Mantia, Fiamozzi, Cacace, Bandinelli, Tonelli, Viti.12:04

  • Empoli formation: 4-3-2-1 for the former Andrezzoli, Vicario-Stojanovic, Loberto, Romagnoli, Baresi-Benassi, Aslani, Zorkovsky – Ferry, Bagrami – Pinamonti.12:03

  • Available in Genoa: Semper, Marchetti, Amiri, Bani, Calafiore, Giglio, Destro, Frienddrop, Azevedo, Rovella, Calonne, Galdames12:03

  • Official lineups for the match: Geno with 4-2-3-1, Sirigo – Hefty, Maksimovic, Ostegaard, Vazquez – Storaro, Baddele – Gudmundsson, Meligoni, Portanova – Yeboah.12:02

  • Lunch match in Serie A on Sunday, Genoa in search of rescue points host Empoli with 31 points and 13th place in Marassi.12:00 pm

  • Where to play the game:

    Venue: Luigi Ferraris
    City: Genoa
    Capacity: 36,685 spectators12:00 pm

    Luigi Ferraris
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