Science Week in September

Science Week in September

We receive and publish – preparations are in full swing in the laboratories, promoters are warming up their vocal cords and pointing their telescopes and magnifying glasses: the European night of researchers LEAF of Frascati Scienza is about to return!

It starts with the launch event on September 23rd, which will start dancing while the date is set with the 2023 edition of the night dedicated to male and female researchers, as it has become a tradition, for the last Friday of September, which this year will be on the 29th.

But Frascati Scienza, always ready to amaze you, does not stop there: it organizes a whole science week full of events, from Saturday 23 to Saturday 30 September, to discover all … the research we love!

The research we love is fun, accessible, and crucial!

The search we love is open to all and speaks to all!

The search we love spans all ages!

These are the main goals of the initiative following the last release: to create an opportunity to give all participants days, afternoons and evenings to sow the seeds of awareness together. The topic is always LEAF – well the future of the network, and the topics covered will address the goals of the European Green Deal: farm-to-table, biodiversity, circular economy, zero pollution, toxic-free environments, health and well-being, energy and building resources, safe energy and smart and sustainable mobility.

To help the public open their minds and hearts to the most disparate areas in order to better understand all the challenges that the scientific community faces every day for our health and well-being, for the environment, for the protection of biodiversity, for proposing a circular economy in keeping with the times, for always studying new ways of sustainable mobility and meeting the challenges The increasing urgency of climate change and its overcoming.

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