Pisa – Spezia 2-3: Final score and highlights

Pisa – Spezia 2-3: Final score and highlights
  • Thank you for watching the live broadcast of this match with us, see you in the next round of the Second Division!18:21

  • A very tense match has just ended at the Arena Garibaldi. Spezia opened the scoring through Coda at first, but the equalizer came directly after a penalty kick taken by Torregrossa. The Ligurians go back in front with a brilliant goal from Verdi who then conceded a penalty. In the second half, Pisa put pressure on himself, but he was able to reduce the gap only in the 75th minute through Bonfanti, giving D'Angelo's team three very important points.18:21

  • A match that witnessed great tension in the second half, as Mariani was forced to show eight yellow cards, nine in total18:15

  • 90'+7'

    And it ends here! A very heavy win for Spezia, who is suffering but finds three golden points in the Arena Garibaldi!18:14

  • 90'+5'

    Another card waved by Mariani, Salvatore Esposito is booked18:13

  • 90'+3'

    Value yourself! Control and high shot not so much18:10

  • 90'+2'

    Another yellow, another of this recovery, this time in Petra18:10

  • 90'+1'

    Save everything, Zoet! Great reversal on Toure's header!18:09

  • 90'

    Six minutes of stoppage time18:08

  • 90'

    Bonfanti flails when developing the free-kick, and Zoet blocks his header with a header18:07

  • 89'

    Tramoni also warned that tension is growing more and more18:07

  • 87'

    Yellow for Masosi, punished for a slap on Esposito18:05

  • 86'

    Pisa's final attacks in search of an equaliser18:04

  • 82'

    Canestrelli was also booked for a foul on Moro17:59

  • 80'

    The yellow card arrives for Caracciolo, the protagonist in a skirmish with Petra17:59

  • 78'

    Pisa completes the changes by introducing Masucci in place of Arena17:56

  • 78'

    Instead, Touré enters Pisa for Esteves17:55

  • 77'

    Valcinelli is also out, and Moro is in17:55

  • 77'

    Spezia takes action: Francesco Esposito enters for Verdi17:55

  • 76'

    Program for International Student Assessment – Spezia 2-3! Bonfanti goal! This time the new striker made no mistake as he fired D'Alessandro's low cross into the net! A wonderful conclusion awaits us in the last quarter of an hour!

    Check out Nicholas Bonfanti's player profile17:54

  • 72'

    What an opportunity wasted by PISA! D'Alessandro shot from the edge, this time Zoet was not perfect and he rejected the ball badly and Bonfanti sent the ball from close range!17:50

  • 68'

    D'Alessandro! After a corner developed, the former Atalanta player concluded it with a sure shot from the penalty spot, which was blocked by Matteo, who sacrificed himself and saved Spezia!17:46

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  • 66'

    D'Alessandro tries, but the shot is weak and becomes easy prey for Zoet17:44

  • 63'

    Vallotti also came on instead of Mlakar, the third substitution for Pisa17:42

  • 63'

    Second substitution in Pisa, with Torregrossa coming off and Bonfanti coming on17:41

  • 62'

    Coda was unable to make the second substitution for Spezia: Pietra comes on for the midfielder who broke the deadlock17:39

  • 61'

    Koda was also injured in the previous operation, and his condition must be evaluated17:38

  • 60'

    Coda flies away and scores 4-1, but Mariani rules it out for offside, which was already clear at the start of the action.17:38

  • 59'

    On the free-kick, Esposito hit the wall, then the ball became good for Bertola's shot from distance, but he shot high17:37

  • 58'

    There was no clear scoring opportunity after Nicola's error as it was a trend of sideways work with Caracciolo ready to recover.17:36

  • 57'

    Beware Nicola! Pisa's defense made a mistake, and Nicola was unable to combine with Caracciolo and brought down Falcinelli on the edge of the penalty area.17:35

  • 56'

    The first substitution for the Spezia team, Jagiello comes on instead of Vignali17:34

  • 55'

    Pisa opportunity! A double dribble from Arena, who enters the area, and in the end it is Mlakar who shoots the ball towards the goal, only to find a response from Zoet.17:33

  • 51'

    Arena! Inside the area, he hesitated for a moment to shoot, and in the end his shot was blocked by a Spezia defender17:29

  • 50'

    Things get heated on the field, and Mariani has to intervene to calm the players on the field17:28

  • 47'

    Esteves is booked, stomps on Esposito in the midfield circle17:25

  • 46'

    The match resumes at Arena Garibaldi!17:24

  • 46'

    Pisa changes in the first half: Veloso out, Tramoni in17:24

  • It had been an entertaining game up to this point, Spezia's aggression immediately putting Pisa in a difficult position, who had a great chance in the opening minutes to break the deadlock with Mlakar.17:10

  • Partial play is difficult to predict after the first 45 minutes, as Spezia ended with a three-goal lead. Kouda opened the scoring with an excellent pass from Vignali, Vignali who then caused the penalty with which Torregrossa brought the game back to a draw. A brilliant goal from Verdi put Spezia back on track, who then scored, again with Verdi, the third goal of the day from a penalty kick awarded by Mariani after a VAR signal.17:09

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  • 45'+4'

    The end of the first half! Spezia leads by two goals in the first half!17:07

  • 45'+1'

    Meanwhile, three minutes of stoppage time were awarded17:04

  • 45'

    Goal! Pisa-Spezia 1-3! Green goal! The former Roma player is very cold from the penalty kick and scores a hat-trick with a spoon!

    Check out Daniele Verdi's player profile17:04

  • 44'

    Penalty kick for Spezia! After reviewing the screen, Mariani awarded the penalty kick!17:02

  • 44'

    Mariani will see her again! In the field review of the bombing of Matjo!17:01

  • 43'

    Long VAR is being checked17:01

  • 42'

    Vignale! A poisoned shot from the edge of the penalty area went wide of the goal amid protests from Spezia players who demanded a penalty kick due to a previous contact.17:00

  • 36'

    Goal! Pisa-Spezia 1-2! A wonderful goal from Verdi, who received it on the right flank from Falcinelli and beats Nicolas with a wonderful shot from his left foot into the top corner!

    Check out Daniele Verdi's player profile16:55

  • 34'

    Vignale! Finale for the first time off the grid on the Kuda Bank!16:52

  • 33'

    Goal! Pisa – Spezia 1-1! Torregrossa scores! The Tuscan number 10 makes no mistake from the penalty spot as he shoots down the middle with Zoet diving to his left!

    Check out Ernesto Torregrossa's player profile16:51

  • 31'

    Pisa punishment! A mistake by Vignali on the field, undoubtedly in Mariani's favor!16:49

  • 28'

    A free kick taken by Veloso from twenty meters away, the ball did not fall and ended up over the crossbar16:46

  • 25'

    Calabresi also tries to come from the outside, a strong but central conclusion16:43

  • 24'

    Shot from the edge of the field, perhaps fouled by Mlakar, no problem this time for Zoet16:41

  • 22'

    Pisa program opportunity! Miraculous Zoet, who made a wonderful response to the right from D'Alessandro's edge and deflected it into the corner!16:40

  • 20'

    Goal! Pisa – Spezia 0-1! Coda scores! Pass from the left towards Vignali, who delivers a precise low cross for Coda who pulls it in and beats Nicolas with a right-footed shot to the near post!

    Learn about the profile of the player Rachid Kouda16:38

  • 15'

    Warning for Coda, violent intervention on Veloso in midfield16:33

  • 14'

    Good starting point from Calabresi on the right, but his cross into the middle was intercepted by Zoet16:31

  • 12'

    Another shot from Torrerosa's edge, this time with his left foot, weak and central16:30

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  • 8'

    Malkar! A great opportunity for Pisa, a vertical pass from Calabresi to the Slovenian striker, who blocked a shot one-on-one with Zoet, but the visiting goalkeeper saved it!16:27

  • 7'

    Torregrossa! He tries from the edge and touches the post after an excellent attack from Beza16:25

  • 4'

    Low cross from D'Alessandro in the center of the area, sent by Esposito without frills16:22

  • 3'

    Nicolau's throw from behind to try to introduce Coda closes down the Pisa defence16:21

  • We're going to go! Pisa-Spezia, the home team's first possession, has begun!16:18

  • Before kick-off, a minute of reflection is needed to commemorate Gigi Riva16:16

  • D'Angelo's choices: An emergency for the Bianconeri, who brought in two new arrivals from the transfer market, Falcinelli and Matteo, from the first minute. As for the rest, the defense will be made up of three players: Bertola, Hristov and Nicolau, while Esposito recovers in the midfield and will be a regular presence on the pitch from the start.15:52

  • Aquilani's selections: The Tuscan coach confirms the eleven that beat Lecco last week, with the only exception being Mlakar, who will be the attacking party instead of Bonfanti.15:50

  • Spezia's official lineup: The visitors respond in a 3-5-2 formation: Zoet – Bartola, Hristov, Nicolau – Vignali, Cassata, Esposito, Coda, Matteo – Verdi, Falcinelli.15:47

  • Official Pisa lineup: The hosts line up in a 4-2-3-1 formation: Nicolas – Calabresi, Caracciolo, Canestrelli, Esteves – Marin, Veloso -; Piazza, Torregrossa, D'Alessandro – Malakar15:46

  • The match will be moderated by Maurizio Mariani from the Aprilia division, assisted by assistants Peretti and Baroni and the fourth official Serpassi. Guercini and De Volo will instead work in VAR11:45

  • The situation is certainly more sensitive for Spezia, which is in last place and has not won since last December 15. The results of the last two away matches were particularly difficult, as the Ligurian team conceded four goals, first from Como and then from Cittadella.11:43

  • Eleventh place in the standings for the Pisa team, which has not lost in four matches. Two wins and two draws is actually the current score for Aquilani's side, who won away to Lecco seven days ago11:41

  • Welcome to the live broadcast of the Pisa-Spezia match, as part of the 22nd day of the Second Division Championship!11:39

  • Where the match will be held:

    Stadium: Arena Garibaldi Romeo Anconetani
    City: Pisa
    Capacity: 25,000 spectators11:39

    Arena Garibaldi Romeo AnconetaniFonti: Getty Images
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