But why does the Yeti 160E cost 15,000 euros?

But why does the Yeti 160E cost 15,000 euros?

Yes, why does the Yeti 160E cost 15,000 euros?
on the contrary, 14,999 euros To be precise, since in the sample received in the test there is also an upgrade from 1000 euros of DtSwiss EXC 1501 carbon fiber wheels.
In addition to the distinct technical considerations (so to speak) that you’ll hear in the video, three premises are necessary:

1- Each person spends his money as he deems appropriate

2- You don’t need superbikes to enjoy cycling

3- Premium products cost more

Once we’ve grasped those three premises, let’s get into the amazing details of the 160E, get yourself comfortable and hit the play button:

Who is targeting the Yeti 160E?

First of all, those who can afford it would like the answer, but, as mentioned in the video, it’s not just about wallet capacity, but also technical sensitivity.
Yeti creates bikes with a very specific use and user in mind, any very capable motorcyclist knows that far-from-average performance is found in a Yeti.
In the case of the 160E, we’re talking about a bike with funky behavior both on the hills (configured to look like a hardtail and not just on compact surfaces) or downhill (blade).
Then, of course, it costs, but it must be said that the price, however, is not as elusive as that of a supercar.

Because the price of the Yeti 160E is 15,000 euros

There are a few featured products

I can decide to keep it forever and expect it to remain a good value over the years.
I might decide to buy it because it’s my first e-Mtb Yeti.
I might decide to buy it because it’s the new model in terms of rear suspension for e-MTBs.
Or I could still decide to buy it (perhaps with great effort) knowing that just the thought of having it in the garage is a tremendous satisfaction.
Yeti is one of the few, and perhaps the only, brands that created the famous Mtb and e-Mtb.

Because the price of the Yeti 160E is 15,000 euros

What is less convincing?

Hold on tight: Until last year, I could tell you a Shimano EP8 motor, especially since I know its competitors in the “full power” motor space well, notably Bosch and Specialized’s Brose.
But with the EP801 (which I told you about in this video), things have changed and the distances have narrowed compared to the competitors.
In fact, testing the Yeti 160E prompted me to do an in-depth study of Shimano’s new drivetrain.


Sram brakes and brake discs are not of the latest generation: I can’t help but point out that, also because some of you may have noticed.
Of course: The Sram Code RSCs didn’t give me any problems, but I know they would have worked better with the new HS2 discs.
That might have been enough to mount the new HS2.
The rest is far beyond what is expected of an e-MTB.

Because the price of the Yeti 160E is 15,000 euros

In conclusion…

The Yeti 160E costs a lot and what has been said and written so far may sound like hot air or a long “bla bla bla” similar to the marketing.
And there, I can understand.

You often hear me, in fact, hear us talking well about many bikes (but not without mentioning the gray areas), and when it comes to ‘hors category’ bikes, we seem to be exaggerating.
And I can understand that too, but in this case you will have to make an effort.

The effort of imagining yourself in the saddle listening to my words or the effort of looking for a nearby DSB dealer allows you to try one.
Then take a selfie and tag MtbCult.it…

to get information YetiCycles.com or DSB-Bonandrini.com

Here is all we have Articles, tests and insights about e-Mtb Below is a video of first impressions of riding the 160E two years ago:

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