Vlahovic is burning and Juventus | Shock Show Affirmations

Dusan Vlahovic’s future continues to hold, and the super show that could change the cards arrives: Juventus fear ridicule.

back to his field and Fiorentina In the league in 2022 was not the best for Dozan Vlahovic. The detonator was dry against Turin In heavy 0-4 at home from the bomb and the top scorer league Yesterday the momentary overshoot of Fixed At the top with 17 goals against 16. But the Serbian player immediately regained the feeling of the goal, scoring in his own net Naples in a Italian Cup.

Dusan Vlahovic © La Presse

It is without a doubt the added value of the Viola in the race for Europe. The team’s offensive station Italian He’s doing better than last year and wants to drag the Tuscan team, but in the meantime, rumors about his future continue to reign supreme. As is known, the player does not intend to renew the expired contract with Fiorentina in 2023 He is now in the sights of almost all the top clubs. In Italy, Juventus keep thinking about it, who would like to come back next year, but Juve risk being predicted by a rival determined to put a heavy number on the plate immediately.

Transfer market, here is Arsenal’s offer for Vlahovic’s squad: CM.IT . prediction confirmed

Vlahovic is burning and Juventus |  Shock Show Affirmations
Dusan Vlahovic © La Presse

As CMIT TV told us two days ago,Arsenal Will submit a proposal from 60 million euros. Confirmation comes from the columns “Corriere della Sera” which states that the “discount” is the amount to be paid for a refund Torrera. In fact, the gunners have some problems with the attack: the situation Aubameyang (Now in the African Cup of Nations) who their relations with Arteta Seems to be deteriorated and knot LacazetteIt ends at the end of the season with a renewal that has not yet arrived.

However, the situation remains delicate. Faced with such an offer, Viola would like to immediately sell it for income, but the player makes a wall and does not intend to move in January, preferring to wait for the summer. Or even, predictably for some time, Vlahovic could wait for his contract to expire in a year and a half and release him on a free transfer.

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