Alberto Matano, the decision made is appalling: unfortunately the alarm went off in the evening

Alberto Matano, the decision made is appalling: unfortunately the alarm went off in the evening
Words by Alberto Mattano (Photo ANSA) – Lineadiretta24

Captain Alberto Matano ended up a hundred percent yellow after one of his last statements: his words.

Alberto Matano It is a historic face of the house opinion But above all, a date set for millions of viewers. He has been dealing with formatting for several years now live the lifeThe network’s first channel broadcasts from Monday to Friday at noon.

Coordination with the conductor at the helm is always able to score Listen to the recordings And now they are all fond of him. for this reason some of his recent statements Raised some anxiety and raised Small alarm bell. Let’s see in detail what he said and what could happen.

Alberto Matano, The Incredible Direct Entry: His Words

A few days ago, the famous conductor of the orchestra also completed this winning version of his beloved orchestration. full season public successes But above all, it is full of guests and exclusive shows capable of fueling the audience from home. A line was held throughout the release and also to mark The grand finale Something happened that left everyone speechless.

When the famous journalist and presenter found himself obliged to say the usual final greetings, he not only thanked those who work with him and his audience, but allowed himself to enter into a divination sentence. Matano Welcome and ruler: I don’t know what I will do after the next Live Life, I don’t know what will happen…. Words raised some inevitable suspicions.

The future of Matano (Photo ANSA) – Lineadiretta24

La Vita in Diretta, Matano Yellow: What could happen

Maestro’s words for sure Unleash the yellow among millions of viewers. On the one hand, there are those who consider these words confirmation of his return, given the next version of the formula, in September. In fact, the conductor’s comeback was not questioned both by insiders and by the public, given the record’s meticulously rated ratings.

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This same data, however, opened at the same time Another question What is the future of the conductor in Rai after the 2024 edition? Matano’s words In fact, they seem to refer not to the near future but to the distant future. A situation that seems unclear now and that in the future may be difficult to clarify unless it is Exciting surprise ads.

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