Eddie Mertens, Words Too Heavy for Story with Clerici: “I feel nauseous…” | Other than the beautiful memory of love

Eddie Mertens, Words Too Heavy for Story with Clerici: “I feel nauseous…” |  Other than the beautiful memory of love
Eddie Martens – Ifood.it (Image via Instagram)

It wasn’t easy for him to be her partner. Their love was somewhat turbulent, so much so that it eventually came to an end.

He was Historical companion to Antonella Clerici And the one who gave it to him is the only one The beautiful daughter Maylawith what The wonderful relationship continues despite the breakup From his mother and his move to Belgium. It seems that even with Clerici he manages to maintain a good relationship despite the end of their turbulent love story.

They both loved each other very much in those ten years, however It cannot be said that their story was easy to liveAnd the. Still in my hands It makes me sick to think of those yearswhich was especially difficult for her and her ex-partner.

But fortunately, today love and serenity arrived for both of them. today Eddie Martens has a new partner who lives with him in Brussels, while Antonella Clerici has a happy relationship with Vittorio Garrone..

However, it must not have been easy for them to overcome what they had to go through, especially for him Out of love he also decides to go and live in Italy and follow Clerici. He did a lot for her but unfortunately things went wrong for both of them.

Love that lasted for a long time

Apparently the “Today is Always Noon” presenter was with Eddie Martens Longest relationship eversince it lasted 10 years. Before becoming his partner, she had been married twiceFirst with the basketball player Benno Mota And then with the manufacturer Sergio Cossa.

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With the first, the love lasted only two years, while with the second, about ten years, during which it went through several ups and downs, and the marriage lasted only two years. then Eddie gets into her life and little Mile too after some time.

Eddie Martens and Antonella Clerici – IFood.it (Photo by Pinterest)

The press is also involved

in the beginning Their story was a beautiful love story. The two were cknown in MoroccoDuring the broadcaster’s journey, and after that, she realized that they were made for each other. They decide to try and build something together, so Eddie follows her to Italy.

Since they moved though Things are starting to get particularly difficult for them, also because of the media, who were strongly against the couple Especially against Eddie. Anyone saw it The black boy game of the intro, and thus he was targeted by many people and as many acts of racism he was the victim of. Furthermore it With the anchor there was a constant quarrelSo much so, that it then led to the separation of the couple. Thus ended their romantic relationship.

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