It is a clash between Alex and Aldo, Janmaria nominated, Sully, Joe and Nicola

It starts with the Halloween party that was held at the house last night. Zombies, vampires, blood and… some forbidden kisses. Those, for example, are between Alex Bailey and Soleil. A kiss Alex’s wife didn’t take well at all. But Alex must first face Gianmaria. Both of them were summoned to the mystery room. Between mutual accusations of falsehood or quaquaraqu√†, the relationship was deteriorating day by day. A head-to-head encounter in ambiguity does not seem to lead to clarification, but rather makes the situations between them even more distant. Alex is convinced that Gianmaria is “fake”, on the other hand Gianmaria accuses Alex of being an “all-time actor”. But others criticize Gianmaria, such as Sophie, who calls him a “fake”, and who inside the house “makes a caricature of himself”.

The joke to the jyoka The guest of the episode is Iva Zanicchi. It is she who plays a joke on Giucas Casella, pretending to be the owner of a dog interested in mating with Casella’s young dog, Nina. At one point he was annoyed and interrupted the (fake) phone call. Then Eva reveals herself and for Jukas, she is a great enthusiasm.

Alex’s attack on ALDO – On the evening of Halloween, Billy was angry not only with Gianmaria, but also with Aldo Montano, theoretically his friend. In his confession, Alex called him to “go out in the open”, “to give up self-confidence as an Olympic champion.” Aldo looks at the clip and is surprised. He laughs at her by saying that at the party “there was a lot of wine,” but you can see we didn’t like that. Billy tries to explain himself by saying that according to him he “always wanted to fix something”, as if to avoid disagreements. Sully adds to this by saying that Aldo often tends not to expose himself. Then it turned out that Bailey’s attack began after he was told that Aldo called him a “false and hypocritical”, which was later verified, by comparison, to be untrue. But tonight’s debate has left its mark and Montano is darker than ever. Sparks are expected…

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different cyberian Francesca is called to Mystery where she first shows a picture of her baby. Cipriani is touched when she talks about her parents’ separation, which happened when she was seven years old. Then she was shown a video message from her father, whom she had not seen for a long time due to Covid. Francesca then recounts several episodes of bullying she experienced at school as a teenager.

Katia’s emotions – Ricciarelli is summoned to the Confession Center where the discussion about her beloved past is resumed, in particular with Alberto Sordi. Then Alfonso connects her with Iva Zanicchi, who was also in a relationship with the great Romanian actor. The singers exchange memories and impressions.

FICO-BRUGANELLI COLLISION – We return to the studio where we discuss Rafaela’s exit from the house, greeting Soleil with “Goodbye, bitch.” Bruganelli defended Soleil, saying it was not an insult but rather a phrase used on social media and in other contexts in a sarcastic manner. Raffaella doesn’t think the same way, but rather wishes to sue Sulli.

Aldo and Alex face to face During the advertising period, Montano and Billy have the opportunity to speak but not to clarify. Montano is agonized and angry at Alex’s attitude, who instead of going to him to ask for clarification, went to vent his confession even with particularly theatrical ways. Billy tries to discourage her by inviting his friend (or ex…) to laugh about it, but Aldo doesn’t seem to be convinced…

Alex and Sully, Dangerous Neighborhood… – An on-air clip collecting all of the moments Alex and Soleil exchanged frenzy in hugs, foreplay, under-the-hood games and even a Halloween kiss. The two are invited to the confessional to comment on matters. Talking about a good understanding, Alex says there’s crazy chemistry between them and also adds that if he can live in a relationship like this, it’s because he’s with a beautiful woman he said he wants to live to the fullest. Gf Adventure. Who knows what Delia, Alex’s wife, would think…

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Delia’s reaction – And speaking of Delia, an Instagram post made in the morning is shown. A post says “disappointed and injured,” adding that her husband’s behavior “in the past few days” “made her hesitate.” Alex tries to reassure her, and tells her that there is nothing else.

TV referee – Carmen, Francesca and Gianmaria are invited to wake up to listen to the telecast verdict. The favorite audience will decide the fate of the other two. Carmen Russo was the most voted character. She has to decide who she owes and chooses Gianmaria while Francesca is saved.

Sophie and the relationship with my father Codegoni is called Mystery. There is talk of his relationship with his father, which has not been fully resolved. Despite being so close, Sophie admits that she didn’t make him feel basic too many times and that she never told him to consider it a reference point. That is why he wants to apologize. She is played with a voice message from her father and is transmitted. But the surprises are not over yet. Sophie goes to the park and meets her father frozen.

The appointment – We begin by declaring the immune system, and they are six: Geocas, Manila, Aldo, Manuel, Katia and Alex. Added to these is the one chosen by Sonia and Adriana, Francesca. All assignable items in Superled are then summoned, including Gianmaria, which is already nominated. We start with Joe who voted for Soleil, and instead Nicola named David. Sophie also voted for Soleil who also takes the Princess nomination. Instead the voice of David Sophie. Sulli re-votes Joe, while Mirjana chooses Sophie. Gianmaria shuts down and names Jo.

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Pyramids – The first is Manila who goes to the confession center and is called Nicola. On the other hand, Katya holds a black man and also votes for Nikola in a clear way. It’s also obvious that Aldo mentions Sully’s name. On the other hand, Alex goes to the confession center and calls Joe. Francesca tied in red and named Nicolas. Carmen also paints red and from recognition is called Sully. Before hearing the last two nominations, Alfonso Soleil called for an apology to Gianmaria for an expression he used on a really bad week. The nominations conclude: Manuel goes to the confessional and appoints Mirjana, as Jucas does. So I work on TV: Gianmaria, Sully, Joe and Nicola.

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