Low prices for transit: This is the reason for smuggling illegal immigrants

Low prices for transit: This is the reason for smuggling illegal immigrants

What are the travel conditions that a illegal immigrants Do they accept small boats to Italy? Certainly, an important expenditure of money, as evidenced by the testimonies of those who recount their experiences once in Italy. As we were able to confirm by scrolling through the talks of the facilitators that we had access to, there are many Pricing policies that apply to the “caravans” crossing the Mediterranean: there are those who keep prices low but overburden the boats, and those who propose “elite” solutions with few migrants on board but with higher prices. Then there are those that include life-saving devices in the price, such as (cheaper) inner tubes or life jackets which, however, in most cases require additional expenses. During our search, we came across the profile of a Libyan facilitator, who explained, from his point of view, the cost policy of the crossings.

its name Mohammed He says that he is from Zuwarah, the city that is considered the center of departure for immigrants to our country. He posts photos and videos of Milan on his profile: he is one of the people who organize the “caravans” to Italy and in his message he warns immigrants against those who, according to him, only want to take money without giving anything. Services. “I see many people on the Internet making pages and posting that there are flights, and there are those who say that the payment is after arrival. There are those who give information about the type of flight and lie about what is trueMuhammad explains, who believes that the fare of 4-5 thousand Libyan dinars is very low due to the long journey and the dangers looming over those who cross, and denies the version according to which payment was made after crossing, stressing that smugglers demand payment before setting off and it is believed that “This thing is dangerous, because there are people who frame and frame them They steal moneyThis is because they are looking for the lowest cost“.

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He clearly presents himself as a serious, trustworthy person who can be counted on to take the trip and his rates are much higher, just as a sign of the fact that he cares, he says in another post.”Check everything out” Why “Cheating is not my thingReturning to the travels, he affirms that since they are travels by sea.There is no set path to walk in and no gate to pass through. It’s not quiet, it’s like a desert, you’re heading towards the desired place with compass and GPS and you have a file Thuraya phoneThen he confirms that immigrants who ride sea carts are entrusted with a satellite phone, as it is known. To justify his high fees, he gives some examples:Imagine that you are traveling 1000 km. I will provide you with used transport data and prices. Tell me what you choose: Imagine you are in the desert, without protection, so they can attack you: a bus, 20 hours and 10 dinars; Car: 12 hours and 50 dinars. Fast car 8 hours and 100 dinars. Motorcycle: 5 hours and 150 dinars; Plane: two hours and 1,000 dinars“.

Realizing that each person chooses on the basis of his budget, we say that everyone who organizes the “caravans” does so to obtain a profit, and therefore there is a lot of price gouging, often at the expense of safety and, in some cases, the benefit of those who donate their money to obtain the service: “You can benefit by creating a file Extra loadThus reducing the price a little to earn more, or you can increase the price and reduce the burden, and earn lessIt seems that Muhammad prefers the second hypothesis, as if he wanted to build a reputation as a reliable person to justify his prices, which are about 9-10 thousand Libyan dinars, figures close to two thousand euros at the exchange rate. . As collateral, he too uses the presence of NGO ships in the Mediterranean, as evidenced by one of the messages mentioning the presence of a life support ship. emergency off Libya in recent weeks. One of his latest ads is aimed exclusively at Bengali nationals departing from Libya, but as a profile picture uses the image of the sunken boat a few miles out of Libyan waters, where the attribution dispute still rages on.

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