March 23, 2023

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Mauro Corozzi “Platinet” Stroke Stable – Cultura & Spettacoli

Mauro Corozzi, aka Platinet, “on Tuesday, March 14th, he suffered a stroke. Fortunately, he was treated in time and this made it possible to act immediately from a therapeutic point of view. The conditions are stable and a series of tests are underway.” His agent made him known.

Born in Langherano in 1955, Coruzzi is a radio and television host, television personality, singer, actor and voice actor, who was named “Platinette” by Maurizio Costanzo’s show. Platinissima has performed on Radio Deejay and participated in various TV shows as guest, judge and commentator. Since 2018 he has been part of the stable cast of Italias√¨, the program hosted by Marco Liorni on Rai1.

During his career, he published several books, made recordings, and twice participated in the Sanremo Festival. A few weeks later he participated in various programs in honor of Maurizio Costanzo, who died on February 24. The last appearance on TV dates back to last Saturday, from Liorni.

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