“But what do you say? Words you cannot use.”

“But what do you say? Words you cannot use.”

the Come and come Yesterday censored the chain reaction. A scene that never happened in the quiz show hosted by Marco Llorni and broadcast yesterday August 15th on Rai1. The trio in a game of winning comprehension had to guess a single word, and it was unfortunate that they took a huge slip by doing so, prompting a conductor’s reaction who immediately filmed them.

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Chain reaction, parents and censorship

The term to focus on was “bag,” so Day and Day built a sentence by falling into an unfortunate cliché. “Cosa”, “Piccoletta”, “Prendi”, “Alla”, “Vecchietta”. In short, the two Dai and Dai try to make the other of the trio guess the word by referring to the snatch. Marco Lorni immediately replied with displeasure: «But what do you say? These are words that cannot be used, and unfortunately you lose a point». The contestants understood their mistake and quickly apologized and, despite the punishment, confirmed that they were winners.

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What happened

The real oddity in all of this is the decision of Ray, who certainly doesn’t let the incident pass but despite recording episodes, he decides to broadcast the clip, whistling for the unpleasant content of the reference. Such a thing has never happened before.

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