Tonight in … Naples, Alberto Angela blazes the web: “He wiped out Napoli in Naples”

More than forty thousand likes, 3300 comments – favorable in 99.9% of cases – more than eight thousand shares. And these stratospheric numbers are still growing unstoppable. While it was the last episode of Tonight in…, dedicated to Naples, public profile of Alberto Angela It was stormed by literally thousands of Neapolitans who thanked the famous science writer from Piedmont for his recent work. Real applause on the web, a faithful mirror of the enthusiasm of the Neapolitans glorified by the city broadcast on Rai 1 Network.

If the Neapolitans especially appreciated the story of the founding of Partenope and the splendor of the underground of Naples, then the true apotheosis was reached with the passage on San Gregorio Armeno And with the story of Naples Maradona. The powerful images that counterbalanced the others – including the latest rai documentary signed by Corrado Ogias last April – Napoleon didn’t like much. “In one fell swoop – reads one of the many comments flooding Alberto Angela’s Facebook profile – you’ve done away with rumors and prejudices about our city, providing great service and making us leave the Gomorrah story.”

Only a few days ago, in fact, the final season of the series born of Roberto Saviano’s book came to an end, and many Neapolitans wanted to emphasize their appreciation for the change of course in the narrative of a city that does not surrender to its existence – at least not only – Naples Gomorrah. On the other hand, it was Angela herself who pointed out the thousands of aspects of the city that could not and should not succumb to negative stereotypes: “With this episode of the night in … – wrote – we tried to illuminate Naples with the light it deserves, and also thanks to The magic that this special evening can convey.Often, in fact, historical records tend to focus on its shadows, which we do not intend to ignore, and which must be identified and combated.But Naples is not only that. Naples above all light. And it is precisely this light that we want to light up tonight, just as we have done with other cities.”

A Christmas gift that scored a real boom in ratings on TV and aimed to get people talking about Naples, this time in a positive sense, all over Italy. The Naples painting by Angela also received praise from the world of city politics: “The Tonight Program in Naples – the mayor of Naples wrote a few days ago. Gaetano Manfredi It is a great gift from Alberto Angela and Ray to our city, but it is also a gift to the whole country. It’s a beautiful nod to reboot, confidence, and beauty. Italy must believe in a city like ours that preserves great traditions, but also has potential unimaginable elsewhere. Thanks again to Alberto, a true friend of Naples.”

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