Ditch the dancers Leonardo Lenny and John Eric. Final Tribute to Piero Sunaglia

Ditch the dancers Leonardo Lenny and John Eric.  Final Tribute to Piero Sunaglia

Amici 21, Episode Three: Elimination of Dancers Leonardo Linney and John Eric. Final Tribute to Piero Sunaglia, the famous study assistant who was always present on the programs produced by Maria De Filippi’s Fascino. News for this Saturday 2 April Sabrina Ferrelli On the jury instead of Stash, who fills the scene as always. tensions between Raimundo Todaro and teacher Alessandra Celentano. s.u Leggo.it News minute by minute.

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AMICI 21, Episode 3 series on LEGGO.IT

00.31 Episode III ends here. Next Saturday with Live from Leggo.it Evening of Amici 21. Thank you for being with us.

00.50 The last topic is a tribute to Piero Sunaglia, The famous study assistant who was always present in the programs produced by Maria di Filippi Fascino. And the message on the credits from the announcer: “It really hurts. Your voice, your face, your attentive look, your way of being, the ability to listen. Always strive to do the right thing. I started with you. I have always lived my business with you, with your smile and firm shoulders, ready to bring your team and me first, always safe and sound in port. The right way for everyone. And every time I’m in the studio I won’t stop looking for your glances in the certainty that I’ll find you, that you’ll understand me in a second as always, in the certainty that you’ll raise your thumb to tell me it’s all right. I loved you, I love you and will always love you. Marya“.

00.43 To conclude this third episode Fabrizio Moro with the song “Sei tu”, a song brought to the Sanremo Festival and a soundtrack for the movie “Ghiaccio”.

00.37 Leonardo: “It was a great experience. Leaving is hard, but I accept it.”

00.36 Nunzio tries to console him “Today you are going out not because you are scarce, but only for taste”

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00.35 Leonardo opens the envelope, to be discarded … he

00.32 Maria: “Nunzio, since you are special and have a certain personality, you are open and open. Loeonardo is introverted, balanced and very polite, and whoever gets out in between the two of you doesn’t want to tell me. I want you two to look at it, there’s an envelope outside that you can open whenever you want.”

00.31 Leonardo: “Here you feel happy, you can breathe art, that’s what we aspire to. It’s different from our world, here we have a much broader vision, and I’m happy with the progress even here. Coming home seems very strange to me, I’ve found a family here “

00.30 Nunzio: “I’m not used to losing, but I understand it here. I don’t know how to lose, she’s stronger than me, I feel the competition. Even Celentano when you criticize me… Nothing is impossible in life. In the afternoon I finished last, while when I finished second in the races, I did not leave home for a month because of disgrace.”

00.26 All students talk about their opinions of Leonardo and Nunzio

00.25 Maria talks to the boys and congratulates them

00.19 The boys are all at home

00.18 Meanwhile, Serena won a new Tim Satisfaction Award

00.15 The poll is over, the two dancers receive compliments from Stefano Di Martino who asks for more proof. Improvising two different samba songs

00.05 The polling begins between Leonardo and Nunzio

23.54 Nino Frasica and his “big friends” are back as always

23.52 Between Luca and Leonardo, he went to the ballot against Nunzio… Leonardo

23.51 Between Leonardo and Luigi, Luigi immediately returns to the race

23.43 Taking up the challenge: Leonardo had a son and Luigi. Whoever loses ends up voting against Nunzio

23.43 Lorella and Raimundo win

23.43 Sabrina and Stefano voted for Serena

23.37 Third and final performance: Luigi (Hindu with LDI) vs Serena (Double with Sisi)

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23.31 Sabrina and Stefano voted for Sisi. 1-1

23.26 Liu’s second challenge against Sisi

23.24 Alex wins

23.18 The first challenge between Alex and Luigi

2.17 The third heat begins. The Giant’s Zerby Challenge – Celentano vs. Kokarini – Todaro

23.12 Giovannino, also Canciato, enters the disarmament alla Ferrelli. “You too before – provokes Giovannino – before you go to the disco,” Ferrelli replies “Fatti ic** your”

23.11 Ferilli vote at Zerbi – Celentano: “I vote on the inspiration and choice to make this cacatella half”

Amici 21, Todaro shock against Celentano: “We’re miserable.” And she replied, “You ignorant people, I’m never wrong.”

23.04 The gauntlet among professors on Cuccarini’s The night fly ملاحظات notes

23.01 Nunzio goes to the final elimination

22.54 Sisi is the first to save herself. Now a new challenge between Nunzio and Aisha to choose who will go to the final ballot

22.42 They entered the challenge: Aisha, Nunzio and Ceci

22.41 Sabrina voted for the choir by Stefano Michele. Choose Fiberto Michel. Vicono Celentano – Zerbi

Amici 21, is a Sabrina Ferilli show. The actress jokes with Maria de Filippi: “Without her, nonsense cannot move.”

22.31 Third Challenge: Coral vs Michel

22.31 Sabrina for Sissy, Stefano Carola. Fiberto Sissi. 1-1

22.30 Sabrina Ferilli’s microphone problems, Maria rushes to help: “There’s no point in calling the microphone operators – says Sabrina – because if you don’t call them you won’t have ***”

22.24 Carola’s second challenge against Sisi

22.23 The vote goes to Luigi. So Zrbi – Celentano won the first challenge

22.10 First Challenge: Alex vs Luigi Sabrina votes for Luigi and Filiberto Alex. Stefano votes for…advertisement

22.09 For this second heat, the Cucca – Todo Celentano – Zerbi . Challenge

22.06 John Eric was eliminated for the first time

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22.00 A new challenge between John Eric, Critical. loser out

21.59 The first to be saved is Albi

21.52 In this first knockout challenge, John Erik, Crytical and Albe . are nominated

21.50 Cuccarini-Todaro wins in the first round

23.49 Sabrina Ferilli voted on Albe. Filiberto Nunzio’s voice. Decisive Stefano who gave the right to vote to Nunzio

23.44 First clip by Nunzio who gave a tutorial to Celentano’s teacher from Latin America

21.42 Second Challenge: Nunzio vs. Albi

21.40 Sabrina Ferrelli votes for Sissi and Stefano. 1-0 to Kuka – Todo

21.35 The first challenge sees Sisi against Dario

21.33 The first to leave are Lorella Cocarini and Raimundo Todaro, who have chosen to challenge the team of Veronica Piparini and Anna Pettinelli.

21.31 We start with the Oreo Challenge to decide which team will start

21.27 Giovaninno di Tu si que Vales arrives at her place and then Sabrina Ferilli

21.26 Enter Stefano Di Martino and Emanuele Filiberto. Absent stash because it is positive for Covid

21.25 Maria de Filippi in the studio presents the jury

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This relieves them Friends 21 Still in the race:

Albee, Critical, John Eric and Dario Bettinelli Pepparini Team

Aisha, Alex, Sissy, Nunzio and Serena Team Kokarini-Todaro

Lda, Luigi, Carola, Leonardo and Michele – Team Zerbi-Celentano

Refereeing for the competition Stefano Di Martino Emanuel Filiberto EExceptionally, Actress Sabrina Ferrelli, Stash is absent because she tested positive for COVID-19

As always, Nino Frassica and his “big friends” are back in the unmissable comedic moment and singer-songwriter Fabrizio Moro is the great guest in the episode with the sensational single “sei tu” presented at the last Sanremo Festival.

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