March 25, 2023

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Lollobrigida, We Depend on Science in the Wild – Trentino AA/S.

Without prejudice, the problem is that we don’t get far

(ANSA) – ROME, November 7 – ““With the support of science, we have Ispra to whom I wrote a letter and in the next few hours I will meet with the managers, to understand if a large number of carnivores can create a problem in the system, but also For the same large carnivores that if they have growth like what happened from 2013 to 2021, it will be possible or not.” This was stated by the Minister of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty at a meeting.

“I am not a technologist, I have to rely on Italian science and parliament that will eventually have to regulate the subject – said Lollobrigida – and then there are the European regulations in place that we are adapting to, but any solution may be suitable for it eco-regime that respects the environment, which we gladly adopt. Important Is that we do not decide to stay away from existing problems, that is a path that we will not take.” Then the Minister noted that he “has participated in several meetings in Trentino Alto Adige where there is a critical situation that puts the world of breeders in difficulty and also sometimes the potential dangers to citizens and tourists from large carnivores. But as for me, I act without prejudice. ” (Dealing).

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