Covid, State Council suspends tar penalty on home care

Covid, State Council suspends tar penalty on home care

The newly elected President of the State Council, Franco Frattini, stuck the sentence in it Lazio tar Repealed the circular on home treatments for Covid issued by the Ministry of Health on April 26, 2021: in the last document, health workers were required to submit “watchful waiting” In the first days of the onset of the disease and also gave themselves Indications not to use For everyone pharmaceutical Generally used by general practitioners for COVID patients. Circular which, in fact, was previously canceled By Lazio TAR, with these reasons: “Notwithstanding the legal validity of these prescriptions, it is the primary duty of every healthcare professional to act in science and conscience, assuming that responsible About the result of the prescribed treatment as a result of professionalism and acquired specialized qualifications. Prescription of the Italian Medicines Agency Aifa as borrowed from Ministry of HealthTherefore, it contrasts with the required professionalism of the doctor and with his own professionalism Professional EthicsAnd imposing a ban on the use of treatments that the latter may consider appropriate and effective in comparing Covid-19 disease, as happens for any therapeutic activity.” The conclusion is that “the content of the ministerial memorandum that imposes on doctors accurate and binding treatment options. As opposed to professional activity As mandated by the physician by science and professional ethics.”

right Now , Council of State Forces another change in path E Restores What is written in it Ministerial document, which “often contain textual phrases, “Recommendations” not “prescriptions” That is, it refers to behaviors that, according to the vast scientific literature, seem to represent best practices, even while acknowledging constant progression.” AccordinglyDo not show Which cuff On the exercise of the doctor’s right and duty to choose the best treatment in science and conscience, where the data contained in the publication, if any, are reference standards in relation to current experiences in therapeutic methods at the international level.” Therefore, what is written in the Ministry’s bulletin is a set of advice directed to Health workers without obligations.Next February 3 The council room was created for group discussion. The decree of Frattini is in fact monochromatic.

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Soon after the Lazio TAR decision, Filippo Agnelli, president of Fnomceo, the national federation of orders for surgeons and dentists, said that “In essence, nothing changes.”. The circular issued by the Ministry of Health stated: “I was born in a very delicate moment We have not received any treatment. Today we have a new monoclonal antibody and antiviral for use in the early stages of the disease. Only then can you deal with complications. The Ministry’s? – The rings explained. They were just indications. Until then, doctors were free to prescribe medications based on symptoms. The doctor always determines on the basis of the individual patient.” He explained: “Antiviral drugs are available now, but we are lost in bureaucracy. The prescription must be made by the specialist who receives the report from the family doctor; The drug must then be collected in hospital pharmacies or other facilities. We would have preferred it to be available in the areas for doctors in the area to use.”

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