March 25, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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“Fame d’Amore” is back with Francesca Vialdini

One in three people in the world suffers from a mental disorder. Seventeen million people are in Italy alone. Young people mainly get sick: three times in four, the first symptoms appear at the age of 25. With this epidemic, the number of teenagers suffering from depression or anxiety has doubled. That is why, in this urgent context of “Hunger for Love”, the docuseries by Francesca Vialdini, who spoke in triplicate on eating disorders, expands her field of work to investigate all those psychological problems that record levels never seen before especially among Young people: 25% suffer from depression and 20.5% from anxiety, and the number of young people who commit acts of self-harm or who attempt suicide has increased by 45%. From Monday 7 November in the late evening, at 11.15 pm on Rai 3, the program produced by Rai Approfondimenti in collaboration with Ballandi offers a series of evenings to learn about this increasingly pressing and widespread drama, ask the right questions, and together search for the answers And highlighting all those mental disorders that affect our society, especially young people like depression, anxiety, self-harm, personality disorders, eating behavior, drug or drug addiction, forms of social withdrawal like hikikomori and other conditions like gender discrepancy, which until yesterday was called gender identity disorder. Francesca Vialdini tells the stories of boys and girls thirsty for love, their daily struggle for recovery, and the treatments possible thanks to potential help from doctors and specialized structures. In each panel discussion with patients, their families, physicians and support staff through an absolute conversation.

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