“I learn quickly in the face of adversity.”

“I learn quickly in the face of adversity.”

“I learn quickly in the face of adversity.”

Raisins by Laura Viarnes She is a high-impact entrepreneur, coach, and coach. Last Thursday he presented to FigueresEnhance your ability. Written in 2023, it is the first book in the trilogy Strengthening, is a collection of the most powerful concepts related to ability, meaningful learning, competence, productivity, and personal development. Through its pages, he wants to guide readers towards transformation in their lives. The work offers an immersion in the strongest concepts of authors such as David R. Hawkins, Barbara Oakley, Charles Duhigg, and Jim Quick. It's a little book 45 pages Easy to read, written after overcoming moments of adversity.

Viarnes, 26, has a deep personal background. She reveals her struggle with agoraphobia disorder, which kept her confined for two years“It took me seven years to get out of the well,” he recalls. This experience was the catalyst that led her into the world of personal development. “In terms of students and work, I have been through a roller coaster of emotional ups and downs ever since I had to leave my studies due to health problems. I've encountered situations that required specific tools, and I've become one of them Fast learner».

She says that overcoming these situations has improved her somewhat High abilities to overcome complex situationsExcellent problem solver and good tolerance for pressure and tension. “I work on myself and my projects constantly I trust my abilities Because they gave me results before.”

Now, through his book, he offers practical tools for others to unleash their minds and enable personal growth through their learning. Enhance your ability It is not just a book, but a practical guide based on real experiences. “I'm talking about Self-determination, of the ability to make decisions in your own interest. I am mainly committed to expressing the results I have obtained by applying certain techniques or knowledge. For people who come to me, I don't explain what you can achieve and how, but what you have achieved, in case that helps them.

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The second book in the trilogy he's already writing deals with learning, and the third will address the topic of productivity. “I want to provide a summary of all the most important concepts you need to know to achieve professional and student excellence through personal growth.” the job It targets a wide audienceFrom lawyers, dissidents, and students to researchers: people immersed in personal development and seeking a higher level of consciousness. “Anyone who needs extra effort to reach or achieve a goal is my target audience.”

Through the book, Viarnes invites readers to… Explore your innate abilitiesReminding them that “life is a mirror that reflects your educational needs.” According to the coach, “Life is a path in which everything is put in front of you as you need to learn. This way you will realize what you need.” In his personal case, agoraphobic disorder, “it helped me know that I was preventing myself from staying in a state that didn't allow me to grow and from that you get to learn regardless of the outcome.” Viarnes had to work for many years until he saw this.”The belief I had about agoraphobia was more harmful than agoraphobia itself; “With a change in mentality and perspective is when the improvement arrived.”

This path is part of our greatest work as a person, because “truth is like the sun. Just because there are clouds in front of us does not mean that the sun is not shining.” Likewise, “If we apply falsehood, the truth does not disappear. I tell people who are searching, people who want to raise their consciousness, that it is easier to start removing what is false than to search for the truth, and when I say false I mean absolute ideas.”

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The universe is in balance

According to the author, “More and more people trust these technologies and ask them to change their lives.” After years of active learning and reading, “there comes a time when you realize that all the sects and religions in general are telling you the same thing. If you apply the natural laws that govern the world, you will inevitably feel that everything is fine. It is about living without trying to change the situation, With the conviction that all is well, that the universe is opening up to you, and that everything will remain in perfect balance.”

Viarnes goes on to explain that it is necessary to start from the principle that things are as they should be in time to allow for growth and development into a more complete person. «You are truly capable of doing whatever you want, if you realize your innate abilities, Because, in the end, we are not simply alive. We sleep and leave the body at the mercy of life; “Every morning we wake up, there is something keeping us alive.”

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