Conference League: 91st minute, Fiorentina wins over Brugge 3-2 – News

Conference League: 91st minute, Fiorentina wins over Brugge 3-2 – News

Fiorentina beat Brugge 3-2, in stoppage time, but there is regret over a result that could have been much greater due to the number of goals created throughout the match and not fully exploiting the extra man the second time around when the Belgians were left with ten men due to Onydika was expelled. Unfortunately, the Viola paid a heavy price for some mistakes in the defensive phase. Now the Viola will compete to reach the final in Athens next week in Belgium.

The Italian chooses a 4-2-3-1 plan for his Fiorentina team, focusing in defense on the midfield duo of Quarta Ranieri and Arthur and Bonaventura in the midfield, and in attacking with the forward push with Gonzalez, Sutil, Beltran and Bonaventura. Belotti. Ready to go and Brugge immediately become dangerous with a shot from outside the area from Thiago. In the fifth minute, Fiorentina took the lead, and Gonzalez changed the pitch to Sutil, who sent the ball from the intersection of the penalty area lines and fired a shot that went into the corner to the left of the Jackers goalkeeper. . Franchi bursts with joy. A goal that attacks the Viola more, and in the ninth minute they are close to doubling the score with quick movements between Beltran-Sutil-Biraghi, who returns from inside the area to the midfield for Gonzalez, who shoots with a sure shot, but the ball ends up high over the crossbar. Brugge, after a “negative” start, began to gain a few meters of play and in the 13th minute they equalized: Fiorentina's defense forgot about Thiago, who blocked the goalkeeper one-on-one with Terracciano. During the rebound, an altercation occurred as the ball touched Biraghi's arm. At first, referee Oliver allowed the match to continue, but then he was called by the VAR and changed the decision to award the penalty kick, which Vanakin then converted. The draw that Fiorentina “accuses”, in terms of intensity and ideas. In the 25th minute, another scoring ball fell to Gonzalez inside the Brugge area, but his Qatari shot ended high above the crossbar.

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Fiorentina believes this, they have regained meters and become more dangerous every time they enter the opponent's half. In the 35th minute, Fiorentina deserved to take the lead again: a burst from the Viola in front of the Brugge defence, with Bonaventura searching for the goal from a central position with a powerful and powerful shot from outside the area, with the Jackers clumsily clearing the ball. The ball ends up at the feet of Belotti, who stops, turns, shoots and finds the winning angle to the right of the opposition goalkeeper. Fiorentina came close to scoring the third goal in the 42nd minute: Sutil's cross into the area was headed by Beltran, and the ball went just over the crossbar. The second half begins with the end of the first forty-five minutes of play, with Fiorentina attacking: a cross from the right flank from Belotti, who did not find the appropriate size to serve Bonaventura.

In the 50th minute, another scoring opportunity for the Italian Viola: after a free kick (Sutil hit him hard on the right shoulder), Belotti almost scored two goals, but the Jackers deprived him of the joy of scoring with a great save, which led to the ball being converted into a corner kick. kick. One minute later, Italiano is forced to replace the injured Sutil with Kwame. In the 60th minute, Brugge, who had been close to equalizing through Thiago one minute earlier, remained with ten players due to Onyidika's expulsion after he dropped Beltran with a foul from behind, a second yellow card and thus the expulsion. An extra man should have weighed more on Fiorentina's shoulders, and instead Brugge found an equalizer in the 63rd minute with Thiago receiving the ball from inside his own half and outpacing Ranieri, as soon as he entered the area with a sharp diagonal shot he beat Terracciano. The Italian (70 minutes) plays Maxime Lopez and Ikone cards for Arthur and Beltran. The round of substitutions also began in Bruges, with Hein first bringing on Nielsen for Skouras, and in the 79th minute bringing on Wittelssen for Goetja. In the final minutes, Fiorentina doggedly searched for the winning goal: in the 80th minute, Ikon took the lead and kicked with his left foot, and the Jackers made a brilliant save to avoid the goal. A minute later, Belotti also tried to head the ball from close range, but the ball went wide of the far post. In Fiorentina, three minutes before the end, it was Barack's turn instead of Bonaventura and Nzoula instead of Belotti. Fiorentina's last effort earned a goal from Nzoula (91), who hit the post first from inside the Brugge area and then shot the ball with his left foot on the rebound.

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