Winter Olympics, Federica Brignoni sets out: ‘Milan-Cortina a target, now head to this season’

Federica Brignone and Milan-Cortina 2026. Of course, nothing is certain with 4 years remaining, but champion Azzurra is not closing the doors to the Olympics at home after rumors spread in the early hours of Monday morning.

The Milan-Cortina 2026 Olympics is a goal that any Italian skier cares about, the cradle of winter sports being the Italian mountains.

Milan-Cortina 2026 is a goal

Beijing 2022

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Federica Brignone wanted to explain: “After participating in all the competitions and testing in the Olympic program that has been held so far with consistent performance at a high level, I want to continue to focus on the next dates that await me this week.” The Milan-Cortina 2026 Olympics is a goal he cares about Any Italian skier, in the cradle of winter sports that is the Italian mountains. At this moment in my career, I prefer focusing on the current season as I practice so far I won the Olympic silver medal in the Giant and finished third in the World Cup general classification. But above all I haven’t considered my potential presence four years ago as an athlete, ambassador or cheerleader at the Olympics paying close attention to environmental sustainability, and I expect it touches me closely. What is certain is that I will not lose Milan-Cortina 2026 for any reason in the world.”

What he told Repubblica (all denied)

Federica Brignoni Not okay and shout it out to the world: After the silver in the giant7th place in Super-G and an unexciting downhill test (31a with a +2″ 70 of first), blue taken from desperation. Those are his words from a page”Republic“.

I will not be in Milan and Cortina, because the Olympic spirit will be absent.”

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her words

“This test went really badly. I don’t have a good feeling, I didn’t find him today on that track, since the third corner I slipped straight away and couldn’t even pull the corner I missed the other day I braked so much that I stopped. I can’t make any difference. I I’m only doing well in the four curves of the wall below it’s not enough Everything else is bad I keep leaning mentally I don’t feel good I’m not leaning I don’t want to speed I’m not locked in I don’t find the sensations I felt when landing this year and I don’t really know how to ski. It’s as if I went down with fear, even if it was the easiest descent we’ve had this year. If I deserve a place to race downhill, it’s because I can compete together, but then I don’t have a chance. No I know, I have to be brainwashed.”

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Beijing 2022

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