The champion, Juventus wins in Wolfsburg

The champion, Juventus wins in Wolfsburg

Wolfsburg – successful project. over there Juventus women He wins with a clear score of 2-0 in the field of Wolfsburg And he won three very important points to pass him to the quarter-finals UEFA Women’s Champions League. Atmosphere Montemoro The starting jersey is entrusted to Peyraud-Mignan, Lenzini, Gama, Salvai, Boattin, Rosucci, Pedersen, Cernoia, Bonansea, Girelli and Hurtig. The black and white line is immediately identified and contains most of the Germans’ incursions. at 20 minutes Cernoia has been replaced by Karuso due to injury. Soon after to bonancy A great opportunity comes that ends, however, in a stalemate. The match is closed in the second half of the match: at the 53rd minute. Rusuchi He recovers the ball which becomes very precious, spread on a huge ball baby walkers This puts in the way of quickly expected by Hendrich This makes it a special target. After a few minutes, it’s up Berod Minyan to block Oberdorf in your area. The Montemoro team is there, and as the minutes pass, it fights for every ball and leaves no room for the Germans: in the end, after the ninety, bonancy He still has and needs Staskova (Take charge of Girilli) in the 2-0 match that ended the matches and led Juventus to beat their opponents in the standings (Group A) and go to 7 points, behind Chelsea, With the dream of the quarters is becoming more and more realistic. More and more is possible.

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Staskova and his own goal: Juventus fly to the Champions League

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