Live Palio Siena Aug 16, 2023 The Shaking Goose Horse won

The 2023 Palio de Siena del Assunta, held August 16, is won by the jockey-that is, without the jockey-del Oca horse, Zio Frac, in a race full of twists and falls.

This is the horse’s second victory Uncle Tailcoat (July 2022) Palio: ridden by jockey Carlo Sanna aka Brigant.

The Goose hasn’t won a Palio for 10 years.

Professional story

The entrance to the 10 neighborhoods at 19 As expected. A roar greeted the exit of the ten contrade horses from the Cortile del Podestà in the Palazzo Pubblico and their entry into the tufa path in the Piazza del Campo.

Appetizer order:
Tartuca, caterpillar, snail, goose, tiger, eagle, zodiac, dragon, giraffe, porcupine

in 11.19 Kanabi’s very tense.

in 19.13 mossiere still calls everyone.

in 19.19 Nothing is done.

in 19.22 Just a precautionary cut of the ropes.

in 19.26 The new move. But the tension is still very high.

This shift is valid for 19.31

The knights fell and two horses shook

around 7.34 p.m The shaky goose (that is, without a rider) wins: Uncle Frac wins the second Palio.

Uncle Frac was ridden by jockey Carlo Sanna, known as Brigant.

The historical march

Today in Piazza del Campo It started at 4.45pmas scheduled, with Historic procession, which includes 14 groups for a total of nearly seven hundred additions. To open the procession of the Carabinieri on horseback, also from 1919, opens the public rehearsal of the Palio de Siena, with the traditional roll of honor and charge.

Piazza del Campo may contain up to about 15 thousand people.

also Gianna Nanini Located in Siena for Palio dell’Assunta. On the evening of 15 August, Gianna Nannini sang with the Oz Women at the public rehearsal dinner. And this afternoon, at the invitation of Mayor Nicoletta Fabio, he will be a rock star on the three-pitched windows of Palazzo Pubblico.

Favorite riders and horses

Unlike what happened on July 2 with a horse clearly superior to the others (the victory went to Titia with Silva), Palio August 16 is dedicated to suspicion. And not only because of the inevitable disagreements with animal rights activists (who put forward the referendum proposal) but also with Minister Santanche (who spoke of Paleo as a “tourist attraction”).

Back to the core Palio. Even today, there is a hierarchy of favourites, as always, but these points of reference are not enough to guide the race to a scripted conclusion.

metaphorically splash networkIn front of him are Giraffe (with Titi riding Abasantissa), Pantra (Scompiglio, Anda and Paula) and Oka (Brigante and Zio Frak).
From behind, Aquila and Tartoka might well appear.

However, unlike Provenzano’s career, there are three pairs of rivals on the field: in itself a factor that can upset the scenario.

summary These are the ten contrade pairs:
PANTHER runs with the horse Anda e Bola, which was ridden by Jonathan Bartoletti aka Scompiglio
Chiocchiola with the horse, Rio Confiso, and jockey, Giuseppe Zeddi, known as Gangelo
The tower with the horse Tabacco and the jockey Giosuè Carboni aka Carburo
ISTRICE with horse Antine Day and jockey Federico Guglielmi aka Tamurè
The eagle with horse Viso d’angelo and rider Valter Pusceddu aka Bighino
GIRAFFE with Abbassantesa and jockey Giovanni Atzeni aka Titia (who won on July 2)
Tartuca with horse Cheetah and rider Sebastiano Mortas aka Grandin
Dragon with horse Vitzichesu and rider Andrea Coghe known as Tempesta
The Goose with the horse Zio Frac and the jockey Carlo Sanna aka Brigante
Caterpillar with horse Zenis Enrico and jockey Bruschelli known as Bellocchio

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Live TV

Palio live tv starts at la7 and From 16.45 from Piazza del Campo. The commentary was edited by Pierluigi Pardo and Giovanni Mazzini (a profound expert on Siena and its regions).

The stages towards the Palio dell’Assunta

The horses and jockeys were appointed on Sunday 13 August and the first trials took place. Marco Ludola’s Drappellone was shown in the previous days.

What you need to know

The supporters 10 regions out of a total of 17are chosen by lot according to certain regulations that allow a continuous rotation: zodiac, dragon, caterpillar, tiger, goose, eagle, porcupine, tartoka, snail and giraffe.

between Knights One of the champions would be Giovanni Atzeni known as “Titia”, who rightfully entered the secular history of the event by being the first rider to win 5 consecutive victories, the last of which was in the Palio del Provenzano held on July 2, with the Contrada della Silva.

there “Professional life”includes three laps of Piazza del Campo to overcome treacherous points such as the narrow curve of San Martino, often the scene of clashes and falls: the victory goes to the contrada horse that reaches the finish line first, even if it is “shaken”, ie without a jockey.

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August 16, 2023

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