Kate Middleton and the very bad joke against Harry | Gramellini coffee

Kate Middleton and the very bad joke against Harry |  Gramellini coffee

In the first public appearance after the gossip smelter’s bestseller, Perfect kit she has Plant a joke that contains multiple layers of treachery.

That is: “Mental therapies don’t work for some people.”

Now, I understand they won’t get tired of this at home Harry, his rumbling victim, is being aroused by his sly wifeHe started out standing on the boxes even for those of us who only come across him on magazine covers. If his relatives intended to send him to hell, they had my sympathies.

But there are ways and methods, and Kate has chosen the coldest and harshest of them. Meanwhile, he doesn’t stoop to knowing Harry’s name firsthand, and nothing is more disdainful than a princely pizza rolled into a squeaky smile. Hence the idealist does not attack the recalcitrant with a harsh face and according to her merits, calling him a slanderer or a liar (and she would have had every reason, after her son-in-law called her a troublemaker. Press gossip against her).

Instead, he opts for the stab in the back from an intimate allusion: the psychological treatments Harry underwent as a boy to soothe the invisible wounds inflicted on him by his mother’s early death.

Perhaps the greater humanity of a personal attack, even if heavy, but direct and respectful of the weakness of others, should be re-evaluated compared to a sign that insists on a physical defect or psychological wound. A really low blow, especially if it was hit by someone calling themselves HH.

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