Sainz and the late wheel at the stopping point: Rueda – F1 Team – Formula 1 . explained

Sainz and the late wheel at the stopping point: Rueda – F1 Team – Formula 1 . explained

My God. like him Carlos Sainz Over the radio his disbelief made no secret of the fact that his first stop at the Dutch Grand Prix took 12.7 seconds due to the left rear tire lag compared to the other three wheels. Inaki Rueda, Ferrari’s head of strategies, explained the reasons for such a significant delay in operations, an inconvenience that immediately put the Spaniard’s race up, who already in the first corner suffered – minuscule – damage to the bottom of the car due to a contact with Lewis Hamilton. .

“We had to respond to Sergio Perez’s pit stop to avoid undermining Red Bull and we were also threatened by Mercedes.rueda wordsObviously, each stop includes two calls, one for the driver and one for the mechanics. The call to Carlos was not a problem, he was able to enter the pit lane without problems. Instead, the mechanics had some snags because mechanics are usually given at least 23-24 seconds of notice, but this time there were only 17.

Six seconds less So, compared to custom, there are certainly not a few especially on a record total of 24, and to make everything more complicated, there was the fact that more than one narrow pit lane in Zandvoort prevented the attendant at the left rear from taking his place more quickly: “Limited space means that the person in charge of inserting the left aft has to navigate around the entire pit crew to get to where the rubber eliminator has settled and the person designated to actually use the gun.”

So the short time available prevented the man in the back of the left car from taking his seat early and the turmoil he caused forced him to go further than expected, all holding the tire. Hence the pit stops 12.7 seconds Compared to the standard 2-3 seconds.

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