Spalletti after Napoli Fiorentina quarrel with the public in Florence

Spalletti after Napoli Fiorentina quarrel with the public in Florence

“Every time you play here, the same thing happens. The audience in Florence is incredibly rude. They have kids around and they keep insulting.” Apparently Luciano Spalletti is angry about what happened to The end of the match with Fiorentina Where he found himself with a fan before leaving the stadium: “They told me ‘Your mother, your mother.’ Behind the bench there are always rude professionals who are always ready to offend.”

“We played a lot of long balls”

Then Spalletti also analyzed the match: “We played a lot of very long balls but Ussimine was not good at managing the ball on him, Fiorentina made a man against a man. We made a few good choices from defense and lost a lot of duels and a lot of balls and that Favored the Fiorentina game. They put it in the fight, they were very good in the second balls and removed the references to the attackers. I’m sorry, we also had chances and we didn’t realize them. He also tried to bring in new powers but we really lacked something to win the match. Raspadori came in really well, and let us But he was unlucky in the end, and could not kick hard. Good at receiving the ball between the lines, he puts the opponent’s defenses hard because of his strength and his low center of gravity. “

“The market? They have all been on sale since I’ve been here…”

In conclusion, a joke about the transfer market and the possibility of Cristiano Ronaldo’s arrival: “I don’t have time to think about other things, we play every three days. We still have to refuel at the sporting level and get in good shape. Since my arrival, they are all in the market, I think That when a company offers 100 million to someone, it is very difficult not to consider that offer,” he concludes, referring to the possible offer of Manchester United to buy Osimhen.

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Italian: “Too bad, we could have won”

On the other hand, the third game 0-0 in a row between the league and the cup leaves some regret for Vincenzo Italiano: “Too bad, we could have won. We had 4-5 occasions on which we could have scored”, he confirms. “In my opinion, we were having a squadron, so I’m still happy with what the boys did. In the end, I made them a joke: ‘Don’t you dare make me fall in love 0-0.. Happy for the performance, I keep rotating men, we make, we don’t concede goals.'”

“A growing team, we need to be more effective”

Italiano satisfied with the team’s growth: “It is growing. This year we have tried to give more compactness and defensive interest and get some results. Having said that we also have to be more realistic and efficient. We will face a lot of matches and we should be able to improve with less training.” If we continue like this we can get huge margins. Jovic, Ikone, Barak and Dudu can grow a lot: The Brazilian has taken a big leap forward compared to Empoli. We lacked training but we have to find certain things in the matches.”

“Jovic has to indulge in a new mindset”

Speaking of Jovic, the Viola coach then focused on the conditions and performance of the former Real Madrid striker: “He must revitalize both in his mental aspect and his physical condition. He must also indulge in a new mentality. Now he plays for Fiorentina and not with training, however, you can see the skill The champion and his strikes. The club and I focused a lot on Jovic, he may have never worked in a convincing manner as a single striker but for me he can do it, if he can attack the ‘zone well. The moment something is turned on in it great things will emerge,” he concludes.

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