Live coach of Lazio, the favorite baronet of the post-Tudor era. Live updates

Live coach of Lazio, the favorite baronet of the post-Tudor era.  Live updates

Rome The resignation of Croatian coach Igor Tudor begins a new chapter on the Lazio bench. Yesterday, the club officially bid farewell to the coach after just 79 days in charge. Now the company is ready to start a new project for next season.


Lazio, Almeida suggested

Igor Tudor’s resignation prompted prosecutors to contact Lazio. Among the various proposals, the proposal for this has also arrived Matias Almeida Who coached last seasonAEK Athens. However, the former Biancocelesti midfielder’s candidacy fell on deaf ears.


Lazio-Baroni in the home stretch

It will be a decisive day regarding Lazio’s seat: in the next few hours, the management intends to close the agreement with Marco Baroni. Negotiations are underway, and we are just waiting for the white smoke.


French websites compare Conceiçao and Lazio

From France they continue to compare the number Sergio Conceicao To Lazio. The former Portuguese coach, in negotiations with Marseille, would have asked the cross-Alpine club for some time. “No good news for OM – writes the French portal MaxifootWhy The Portuguese coach tempts Lazio: The opportunity to coach in the Italian league could appeal to Conceição, who already knows the French league having coached Nantes, and who has long hoped to join Milan in place of Stefano Pioli. Then comes the emotional side, the former midfielder played with Lazio for three seasons and therefore may be tempted to live another adventure at his former club..


La Bild: Lazio is thinking about Klose

The issue of Lazio’s bench also invades international newspapers. In the German newspaper Bild The first name associated with the Lazio bench is a name Miroslav KloseA former striker for the German national team and the Biancocelesti team.

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Lazio Baroni, the call goes back to Tuesday

It appears that negotiations between Lazio and Marco Baroni are in their final stages. The initial contact between the Biancocelesti club and the Tuscan coach dates back to last Tuesday, immediately after the second confrontation with Igor Tudor. At the end of the meeting, which was also attended by the Croatian coach’s agent, Anthony Ceric, the club began taking the first steps to communicate with the Croatian coach.

10 o’clock

Lazio Sarri, no contact

Someone was thinking of recalling memories of the past, and in these hours the name Maurizio Sarri was associated with Lazio once again. But until now, there has been no communication between the two parties, despite the continued respect between President Lotito, coach Fabiani, and the Tuscan coach.


Lazio fans, the hashtag #NoBaroni is starting on social media

News of Marco Baroni’s imminent arrival at the helm of the Biancocelesti team has sparked a reaction from some Lazio fans who – disappointed by the rumors circulating in these hours – express their opposition to the club’s potential choice: on social media the hashtag #NoBaroni has been posted.


Baroni, another year of the contract with Verona

The Tuscan coach has a yearly contract with Hellas Verona. In recent weeks, the coach informed Verona of his decision not to remain on the bench in yellow and blue.


Marco Baroni, The Plasticity of Unity

It seems that Lazio is inclined to sign former Verona coach Marco Baroni. Last season, the Tuscan coach often had the opportunity to change the tactical unit: Baroni’s teams mainly play with a four-man defense, often changing the structure of the midfield: the unit is the defensive line. 4-2-3-1 Which may differ in some games from the classic ones 4-3-3 Or in a more defensive unit e.g 4-4-2.

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Marco Baroni: Coach’s numbers

Marco Baroni He was born in Florence on September 11, 1963. Last year he had the opportunity to coach Hellas Verona, and achieved a salvation that seemed unexpected. He was coaching in the Italian League Siena, Frosinone, Benevento, Lychee H Verona plural 110 seats With a budget of 21 victories, 29 draws H 60 defeat.


Theodore, silence players

Everyone is in silence. Although the news has been in the public domain for several hours, no Lazio player has had the opportunity to comment on Igor Tudor’s farewell to Lazio. No player said a word against the coach after his departure: further confirmation of the tension in the relationship – weird body – Inside the changing room


Lotito and reconnaissance with Allegri

Yesterday, Lazio president Claudio Lotito called former Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri to start possible negotiations. But the coach, despite the good relations he has with the Lazio president, nipped possible talk about the bench in the bud.


The short reign of Igor Tudor

It just kept going 79 days Croatian experience Igor Tudor At the head of Lazio. The coach had taken over from Giovanni Martocello after the success achieved by the Biancocelesti in Frosinone. In the tournament, the Lazio coach led the team on nine occasions, winning Five wins, three draws and one defeat In the derby against Roma. He was Eliminated in the Italian Cup semi-finals by Juventus: In the double clash with the Bianconeri, Tudor achieved defeat and platonic success in the second leg which he did not use to qualify for the final.

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Official press release from Lazio FC

Yesterday evening, the club officially announced the resignation of its coach, Igor Tudor, following the leaks that leaked in the early hours of the afternoon. “Theodore He resigned as first team manager. The company thanks the technician for the work accomplished, wishing him success on the personal and professional levels.”.


Lazio, Baroni have already called

Yesterday there could already have been contact between Lazio managers and former Verona coach Marco Baroni. The coach is also in negotiations with Monza and Cagliari, but the inclusion of the Biancocelesti club has frozen any other type of consultations.


Conceição is in first place, according to L’Equipe

Lazio’s seat succession also appears on the pages of French newspaper L’Equipe. According to Transalpine newspaper, negotiations between Olympique de Marseille and the Portuguese coach have stopped Sergio Conceicao This would have been due to the inclusion of Lazio at the last minute.


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