Golden Boy Awards, live stream

Golden Boy Awards, live stream

20.23 – TARGA SCIREA TO GIORGIO CHIELLINI: “See you in a month in Turin”
OGR attendee Mariella Scirea rewards ex-Juventus captain and tags Giorgio Chiellini with Targa Scirea-Fair Play, regarding the new MLS champion from the USA: “Mariella knows how close I am to the whole Seria family, I am proud of the award. Does the award-winning Merretti mean that Juve are sowing well? I think so, Fabio is the motto of what has been accomplished,” she wrote to a few weeks ago “He deserves all the best, I hope he follows The second teams project also the other clubs.” Then the exciting announcement: “Today is my last day here, I’ll take everything and see you in a month in Turin”

20.01 – Prize winners Florentino Perez and Karim Benzema
The absolute European and world footballers, the president and striker of Real Madrid have been awarded by Tuttosport. Florentino gave an exclusive interview on newsstands on Wednesday: “This trophy is the first of the season, and I’m proud of how proud all Real Madrid fans are”

19.52 – Best Maldini European Coach award from Costacurta
“Thirty-eight years before we met, in 1984, he presented himself as Caesar’s son and there was some doubt – Costacurta says on stage I just want to ask him: But when Daniel scored, did you send him to that country or were you happy? “I wrote, I knew – Maldini’s answer – I tried to do as advised GalianiNot moving: He did it for Monza and Milan goals, for Daniel’s goal. But I was clearly a happy dad inside.” What Paulo has done in the last period is unbelievable, with his favorite team and with the players he chose” – Costacurta concludes.

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7.44 pm – Claudio Marchisio Fabio Meretti Awards
One of the most loved players in the history of Juventus, coach, Claudio Marchisiotakes the stage to reward Fabio Merity. Prize from Juventus to Juventus.

The Roma winger ended the Giallorossi season by winning the Conference League title, It was the most awarded by the Internet: “Francesco Totti is my idol and example”

19.33 – Carl Ancelotti, Jose Mourinho and Targa Pozo
He was involved with Real in the derby against Rayo Vallecano directly from Valdebebas, with the video of him handing the board to Carlo Ancelotti and his reaction. “I am honored to receive the award that bears the name of a great coach, thanks to Tuttosport.” Roma coach Jose Mourinho was also honored.

19.20 – Paul Pogba on stage to award the Pimenta. Raiola memory
With Tuttosport Director Guido Faquiago the Octopus of Juventus, Golden Boy in 2013: “For me winning this award was a dream, and I want to keep winning: I come here, I see legends. How am I? I’m better, better, let’s say well.” Raffaella Pimenta Which is? My second mom helped me a lot in my career and made me a man, made me understand my responsibilities and made me grow.” Pimenta reminiscent of Raiola takes the stage: Deficiency, scarcity, lack of Mino Raiola It’s such a big gap, there was a sense of living together, doing things together, it was practically mourning the family, they lived together and they got through together.” He is also reminded of a video clip featuring Haaland, Donnarumma, de Ligt and other global agent Jorge Mendes.

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19.12 – Andrey Shevchenko Prize
The first winner is the unforgettable Ukrainian striker of Milan and Andriy Shevchenko: a Golden Boy Career, a champion even after he stops playing: his message is a welcome message and a story from his work. To help his country Ukraine.

Welcome to the Golden Boy Awards 2022 pictures

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Welcome to the Golden Boy Awards 2022 pictures

The Golden Boy 20th Edition Awards Ceremony Opens Its Doors: Follow Golden Boy Awards 2022 Live broadcast on this page. A special edition that saw the victory of Barcelona midfielder Jaffe: Here is the entire final classification And all that voters prefer, the Blaugrana’s talent is the successor to his colleague Pedri, winner of the last edition. Joy also for Juventus: Fabio Merity In fact, he was awarded Best Italian Golden Boy e Nicole Arcangeli, Italy’s best golden girl. The special guest of the evening, accompanied by his agent, Rafaella Pimenta, the Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba.

Here is the list of winners for the 2022 edition:

Golden Boy Absolute is better dry
– Golden Girl Absolute Best Jolly Brand
– Golden Boy Web Nikola Zalosky
Best Italian Golden Boy Fabio Meretti
– The best golden Italian girl Nicole Arcangeli
– Golden Player Man Karim Benzema
– the golden woman Alexia Putillas
Best European President Florentino Perez
Best European Player Agent Raffaella Pimenta
Best European Director Paolo Maldini
– Golden Boy Career Award Andrey Shevchenko
– Bozo board Carlo Ancelotti
– Bozo board Jose Mourinho
– Scirea . license plate Giorgio Chiellini

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