Champion: Frankfurt – Napoli 0-2 – Football

Champion: Frankfurt – Napoli 0-2 – Football

Eintracht Frankfurt – Napoli 0-2 (0-1) in the first leg of the Champions League round of 16 in Germany. In the first half, Osimhen fired in an assist from Lozano after a missed penalty from Kvaratskhelia. In the second half, Di Lorenzo doubles in the 65th minute, posing a serious threat to his passage to the quarter-finals. chronicle
In the new version of the Champions League final, Liverpool and Real Madrid will compete at Anfield in the first leg of the round of 16. It ended 5-2 for the Spaniards, who overturned a 2-0 victory over the Reds in the opening minutes of the game. Upon startup, immediately open Nunez’s heel. Salah finds an appearance in the 14th minute, after a sensational error from Courtois. The Spaniards immediately return to the game with a wonderful goal from Vinicius, and Salah is still close to the net. In the 36th minute, Alisson and Vinicius also made it 2-2. At the beginning of the second half, Militao completes the comeback, then drops Benzema (a shot that Gomez cleared) four of a kind and makes it 5-2 at the break. For Ancelotti’s team, a very serious mortgage to move into the quarter-finals. chronicle

Goal at 65′! Eintracht 0-2 Napoli! DiLorenzo Network. A vertical triangle between Anguissa and Kfaratskhelia who leans his heels towards Di Lorenzo, a delicate painting behind Trapp.
Goal at 40′! Eintracht 0-1 Napoli! Osimin Network. Acceleration by Lozano on the right, tense cross, Osimhen easy under measure.

New company in Naples Which in Deutsche Bank Park in Frankfurt also rages against Eintracht, winning 2-0 by dominating 90 minutes and qualifying for the Champions League quarter-finals with mortgages. That Spalletti’s side excelled at certain moments in the game and even before Kolo Mwani’s dismissal left the opponents outnumbered was truly embarrassing. Glassner, who poked fun at the Italian in the press conference to introduce the match, deploys a terrific thunderbolt with a defensive line of five and four midfielders near the back guard, leaving only Kolo Mwani attacking. In the first quarter of the match, the Germans in some circumstances managed to break out of their own half, but as soon as Napoli took appropriate measures to their opponents, only Spalletti’s team was on the field. As the minutes go by, Eintracht’s pressure becomes less consistent and the Napoli midfielders can support the attacking game with more continuity. Even Lozano and Kvaratskhelia, initially limited in range by the systematic doubling of tagging, are beginning to find more space.

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The decisive actions in the latter part of the first half of the match start right at Lozano’s feet. In the 35th minute, the Mexican, who was released by Di Lorenzo, enters the penalty area and ends up hitting the post. Osimhen pounces on the firewood’s response and steals time from Tota, who cuts him in the penalty area. Kvaratskhelia is entrusted with the kick from eleven metres, but Trapp senses the trajectory and swerves for a corner. Four minutes pass and Lozano again flies down the wing and puts the ball into the middle as Osimhen jumps and deflects into the net. It’s the 39th minute and just a minute later the event repeats itself in copy. But this time, the Nigerian striker gets a bit too far on the line of the ball and the goal is disallowed. In the second half, the Germans seemed confused and Napoli raging. Lozano and Kaffaraskelia are two very favorable opportunities. In the 12th minute, Kolo Mwani intervened with a hammer on Anguissa, and referee Dias kicked him out. In the 20th minute, Kvarskyla enters the penalty area, sends Di Lorenzo with a back heel to score a goal with a round kick. The game basically ends here. At Anguissa’s feet there was a chance to bring the score closer, but the Cameroonian almost hit the post with his shot. The second round, with Napoli clearly favoring qualification for the next round, will take place in “Maradona” next March 15.

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