No, in Italy, Google does not keep the device for repair if it contains unauthorized parts

No, in Italy, Google does not keep the device for repair if it contains unauthorized parts

In recent days, YouTuber Louis Rossman discovered a special clause in the Google device repair contract: if the service center verifies the presence of unauthorized parts on the device, the device will not be returned to the owner.

This condition is found in Paragraph 4 of Article D of the document.Service and Repair Program Terms and Conditions“For the United States, on July 19, 2023.

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Naturally, this item caused a stir on the Internet, because it actually does not respect in any way the ownership of the owner of the device.

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Google has reached out Robot body To announce the updated Terms of Service for fixes with this note: “If a customer sends their Pixel device to Google for repair, we won’t keep it, regardless of whether it contains non-OEM parts. In some cases, we will not be able to complete the repair if there are safety concerns. In this case, we will ship the product back to the customer or work with the customer to determine next steps. Customers are also free to search for repair options that suit them. We are updating our terms and conditions to make this clear“.

In Italy Google is returning the devices

However, users from Bel Paese (and Europeans) can already sleep soundly, because the terms and conditions page for Google’s repair program, in Italian (change it to the bottom right), does not show the clause as written in a US document.

In Italy Found in paragraph 5 of Article D It reads: “Unauthorized parts: We advise you not to submit devices containing parts not authorized by Google. Otherwise, CTDi [l’azienda polacca con cui Google ha un contratto per le riparazioni in Europa, ndr] It will return the device to the user without making any repairs“.

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