Milan-Juventus and Pioli: “We were not inferior even in tenth place”

Milan-Juventus and Pioli: “We were not inferior even in tenth place”

Milan emerges defeated from the big match in San Siro against Juventus, however Stefano Pioli He is not afraid of the repercussions after the knockout blow: “This defeat takes nothing from us. If we can do what we did after the derby, with that series of wins, we will be happy with this bad day too…” The Rossoneri coach, then, does not hide a certain regret, despite the game we played. With 10 men throughout the second half: “I didn’t say anything to the team, there is still a lot of tension and anger because this is not the result we wanted. We played a good game with 11 and 10 playersWhen we could have done better and with a little attention we achieved a positive result. We were not inferior even when we were outnumbered. After Thiao was sent off I chose to be outnumbered up front and maintain the same defensive structure, hoping to continue to be dangerous.

“Gati was booked after 22 errors.”

What decided the match, in addition to Locatelli’s goal, was the episode of the red card received by Thiao (foul on Kane), which Pioli commented on as follows: “In the expulsion, there was individual and administrative naivety, because you have to stay tougher.” “Tiao had to stop and not try to advance in one-on-ones. Then the full-back had to get closer. Even with 10 players, we showed that we are not inferior.” Then the punchline: “Leao put Gatti, who committed many fouls, in a very difficult position. The regulations say that in the event of repeated fouls a warning is activated: This came after 22 fouls…”

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