Telegram: Messaging chat is forever changing

Telegram: Messaging chat is forever changing

Anti WhatsApp. For years it is still seen that way and is now ready for a change. And you, are you ready to receive the news?

Many have chosen it for some time. Telegram is an instant messaging service that has captured a constantly growing audience over the years. But the news developed by app managers is really amazing. Will users be able to find out?

Telegram (web source)

Telegram is an instant messaging and messaging service Cloud-based, non-profit offering from Telegram LLC, a Dubai-based LLC founded by Russian entrepreneur Pavel Durov. The official Telegram clients are distributed as free software for Android, Linux, iOS, macOS and Windows.

Its main features are the ability to exchange text messages between users or between groups of up to 200,000 participants. This made it particularly popular for groups and societies. Unfortunately, it is not always intended for the purely purposes that are permitted by law. Through the channels it is also possible to broadcast live audio/video and text for members who join.

Telegram also allows you to make point-to-point encrypted voice and video calls, exchange voice and video messages, photos, videos, stickers and files of any type up to 2GB.

It is also possible to program the time to send a voice / text message; Set a timer for self-destructing messages that allow automatic deletion of a message once viewed by the recipient, deleting messages for the recipient as well, and text editing after sending. This feature, in particular, made him think, In the collective imagination, it is safer and more conservative.

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Huge news

Anti WhatsApp. For years and still seen that way. Telegram is more secure, more privacy conscious, and more difficult to track. For this reason, many choose it at the expense of the green application, which is now considered obsolete. As we mentioned, it has always been touted as the most professional WhatsApp alternative. Even purists always refuse to download WhatsApp with Telegram.

Telegram (web source) 6.5.2022 2
Telegram (web source)

Now, however, there is good news for the app. Below, however, are some of the introductions that were actually made towards the end of last year. In fact, in November 2021, ads were placed on channels with more than 1,000 subscribers. But the protests have arrived.

Thus, it took Telegram these months to introduce a way to disable ads. Through a subscription plan. Thus Telegram premium was born, a paid version of the application, parallel to the free version. Of course, the free version will still contain ads. Premium one is not. But not only.

Offer a set of exclusive functions that are excluded for “basic” Telegram users. Including extra emojis and reactions, but also a premium badge for those who subscribe. In short, it will look more professional. the cost? It has not yet been revealed, but according to rumors, it should be less than a euro per year.

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