Pellegrini: “Bodo coach attacked Nuno Santos. It’s an insult to Roma “- – the latest news about football Roma – interviews, photos and video

Pellegrini: “Bodo coach attacked Nuno Santos. It’s an insult to Roma “- – the latest news about football Roma – interviews, photos and video

“Their coach said something to our goalkeeper’s coach and then attacked him very hard,” says the Giallorossi captain.

Lorenzo pilgrims Appears in front of the cameras after the defeat with Bodo / Glimt To talk about a dangerous episode that occurred after the match and saw the Norway coach as the protagonist Knutsen.

Regret the naivety? “Unfortunately it’s 2-1 for them, but next week we have this important match which for us was already a battle. And I saw that a really unpleasant act had just happened with the team. And for what is written on the sleeves of the shirts, or playing The clean. Their coach just attacked the goalkeeper coach (Nuno Santos, ndc.) Their coach started saying something to the goalkeeper coach and then attacked him in a strong way. That’s sorry we came here out of all respect for us and the competition. Such behavior is an insult to Roma, to the players and staff who work And competition. It’s a shame.”

Mourinho called it a plastic field. “I agree, the shame is that in a competition like this you are going to play a quarter-final where changing direction or understanding the direction of the ball is almost impossible because it bounces the way you want it to. But we don’t have to make an excuse for this. We lost 2-1 and in a week there will be one of the Our battles to win at any cost. I’m sorry I’m still shaky and that’s a shame. I spoke to Mancini, I’m sorry the pitch may have had an effect too. He doesn’t even know what happened, he looked worried and let’s hope it’s not too serious. We’ll see him in a few days few”.

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By scoring 12 goals. “I am very happy because I wanted to crown the record with a victory. But this is the first half, the second is waiting for us in our home and stadium, our habits and court will be key. We want to play a great game and send Bodo at home, even for what they do off the field.”

“We knew it was a tough game because we already saw it in the groups. Playing here is not easy, in this stadium with this stadium, in short with this atmosphere. Those are not excuses, but today we played a good game in my opinion, they simply had two pro rings, and we are on On the other side we had episodes where we could put in a good performance and score other goals but in the end it went like that. They won 2-1 but only this first part now and the second waiting for us at our home in our stadium, we can’t wait to play it.”

Is this the record that gives you the most confidence to come back?

“Let’s say it’s always good to get better. Last year I played 11 feet and that really made me happy, I’ve improved and still have other games to do better. I can’t wait to play on Thursday and do well for us. It’s going to be a battle over how the matches go with them. And how they behaved here with us. We got here with the utmost respect, in the best way and they behaved very badly with us. Even their coach attacked our goalkeeper Nuno. I think this is a great insult to European competition, which is seen all over the world and that is really unpleasant. And above Everything, it’s a huge insult to Roma and Romans, so I think next Thursday in addition to being a match that can make us go to the semi-finals, I think we will not play this match in 11 but a lot.”

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