Juventus want to relieve Allegri

Crisis for Juventus, some fans want to sack Max Allegri. The decision comes on an online survey

The crisis of games and results continues Juventus. Until yesterday, in the field VeneziaOn the seventeenth day of leagueboys cheerful They played another disappointing test. One by one the end result after goals morata e Aramo. This is a largely negative consequence of the ambitions of Champions League From the Bianconeri. Thus, severe criticism permeated the artwork once again.

Max Alegre © La Presse

In fact, many, on social media, have openly requested an exemption from cheerful. His return so far has not achieved the desired effects, as evidenced by the current sixth place in the standings, less than 11 points behind the leader. Milan. And so, through a survey on Telegram, Calciomercato.it He asked the fans what would be the best solution for Torino FC.

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Juventus transfer market, fans demand the exemption of Allegri

Massimiliano Allegri © LaPresse

The question of our editorial team was clear: “Another mistake by Juventus and Allegri in the crosshairs of the critics and fans. What is the best solution to rebirth?”.

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The majority of fans chose the Tuscan exemption (35% of the electorate). 31% preferred the possibility of a new manager coming into the company AneliWhile 13% preferred the resignation of Allegri. Only 21% chose technical confirmation.

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