Live broadcast Barcelona-Roma Women 5-1: Watch the match live broadcast

Live broadcast Barcelona-Roma Women 5-1: Watch the match live broadcast

Barcelona (Spain)at Camp Nou Barcelona feminine to Geraldez receive a visit from Roma female to sponge In the match valid for the second leg of the quarter-finals of the AFC Champions League Champions League. In the first leg at OlĂ­mpico, the Blaugrana narrowly won 1-0 thanks to a goal he scored Collimated at 34 min. Kick-off time is 18.45. The German referee raises the challenge Hussein.

8:38 p.m

93′ – Triple whistle: Barcelona beats Roma 5-1

The curtain fell on the Nou Camp match and Rome’s beautiful adventure in the Champions League. Barcelona from Another Planet closes out 5-1.


90′ – Time out: 3′ added time

Normal 90 minutes ends, there will be 3 recovery minutes.

8:30 p.m

85′ – The party in the stands has begun

Five minutes from the end plus extra time, the party has already begun in the stands: oops again and applause, while Barcelona teaches football

8:25 p.m

80′ – The last ten minutes of the academy

We have entered the final stage of the match, but Barcelona and Roma continue to mess around without particularly flooding the place.

8:20 p.m

75′ – propeller replacements

Changes on both sides, with Barcelona no longer convinced, but an inertial attacker. Roma was keen not to receive the sixth goal.


70′ – In the middle of the second half, Roma held out

Many changes for Barcelona that shows no signs of slowing down, Roma that holds its ground and tries to gain ground and time.


63′ – Oshola’s first yellow card

The owner of the fourth Catalan goal, Oshoala, gets the first yellow card of the match because he stopped the yellow-red first half replay with the bad guys.

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58′ – Goal from Roma! Sertorini!

Fantastic diagonal from the edge of Sertorini, who finds the corner and signs 1-5 for Roma!

7:58 p.m

53′ – Manita Barcelona! Rome overwhelmed

Barcelona’s fifth goal also arrives! The third time in the near goal by Guijarro, who slotted into the net for the Manita Blue! Rome was destroyed.

7.55 p.m

50′ – Roma try to resort to possession

The second man at the end of the half is huge for Roma on the ropes, who resort to ball possession to breathe and think about what they should do.


46′ – Ready to go in the second half and Azulgrana Poker!

Not even time to return to the field, Barcelona will take 4-0! Bonmat only needs one ball from Oshoala to hit the target in Azulgrana poker!


The first half ended with Barcelona leading 3-0 over Roma

The two teams received in the dressing room and Roma psychological blow to the third goal in full recovery. Barcelona is unplayable: a brace from Rolfo and a goal from Lyon.

7:33 p.m

48′ – Barcelona trio!

At the end of the recovery period, Barcelona’s third goal reaches! An enveloping dribble, leading Rolfo to push into the goalless two-step for a Catalans double and triple!


45′ – La Ola in the stands of the Camp Nou

The stands were now packed with great partying at the end of the first half, with Ola celebrating Barcelona’s clear superiority over helpless Roma.


40 ‘- Return is now impossible, we have to reduce the deficit

The yellow and red teams tried, but tonight Barcelona really seem to be in another category: it’s practically impossible to think of a comeback, and we’ll have to limit the deficit to walk away with our heads held high anyway.

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7:18 p.m

33′ – Barcelona’s double!

A wonderful finale from Lyon’s immobility, which delivers an elusive tale of Caesar! Roma down 2-0!


30′ – The Catalan dominance continues, but the Giallorossi are not giving up

Despite the frustration that hit a stage of the first half that highlights all the differences between the two teams, Roma remained on the right track, conceding, but often hindering Barcelona’s actions.


25′ – Barcelona monologue, Roma does what he can

Azulgrana is the master of the game and under constant pressure, Roma who can do nothing but close ranks and resume play as quickly as possible.


20′ – Roma try to fight back but reveal themselves

Now Roma have no alternatives and are generously trying to move forward, looking for depth for Giacinti, but at the same time exposing themselves to the deadly counterattacks of the Catalans.

6:56 p.m

11′ – Barcelona ahead!

Barcelona opens it up with RolfoWho after hitting and hitting finds a shot for the Catalans 1-0!

6.55 p.m

10 ‘- Signals from Rome

After a somewhat choppy start, the first attacking maneuvers by the Spogna girls: Sertorini volleyed in the direction of Giugliano’s serve, which in turn also inspired Giacinte’s deep attack, which goalkeeper Panos anticipated.


5′ – Azulgrana release

Barcelona is out immediately, Hansen is very active, who immediately tests Caesar’s reflexes,

6.45 p.m

1′ – Go to Barcelona-Rome!

Referee Hussein blows the whistle starting at 10 in Rome in favor of Barcelona!

6:42 p.m

Ovation for Andressa and Lozada

At the entrance to the field for the teams, there was an applause from the Azulgrana crowd for the former lover Andressa and above all Losada. Barcelona is unforgettable.

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The warm-up is complete, and the start is approaching

The teams finished warming up on the field and went to the changing rooms to prepare to enter the field.


There is also President Ludovica Mantovani

Also present in the stands of Nou Campo, with great pride, is the representative of the movement, Ludovica Mantovani, Head of the Women’s Section of FIGC.


Barcelona is strong in numbers

In addition to the good intentions that drive the Giallorossi, a return from a statistical point of view will be really difficult: in the entire season played so far, Barcelona have lost only one match, with Bayern, in the group stage of the Champions League. Then only victories were played out in all other matches.

6:20 p.m

Teams on the field to warm up

While the stands of the Camp Nou stadium are gradually filling up, girls from Rome and Barcelona are on the field in order to warm up before the match. Kick-off is set for 6.45pm.

6:10 p.m

Women’s Roma, Spogna: “Intelligent Madness Wanted”

Artistic speech yellow and red On the eve of the second leg of UEFA Women’s Champions League against Barcelona. (Read more)

6 pm

The official formations of the women of Barcelona and Rome

Barcelona (4-3-3): Panos. Bronze, Paredes, Mabe Lion, Rolfo; Bonmati, Walsh, Guijarro; Graham Hansen, Oshoala, Paralolo. available: Coll, Font, Codina, Jana, Crnogorevic, Torrejon, Geyse, Bruna, Nuria, Engen, Ramirez, Lopez. trainer: Geraldez.

Roma (4-4-2): Caesar. Bartoli, Winninger, Linari, Minami; Sertorini, Giugliano, Losada, Hafey; Giacenti, Andressa Alves. available: Merolla, Ohrstrom, Di Guglielmo, Cinotti, Landstrom, Glionna, Selerud, Greggi, Kollmats, Kramzar. trainer: sponge.

Barcelona – Camp Nou

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