FIAT has not been washed for 38 years: see how it changes

FIAT has not been washed for 38 years: see how it changes

The FIAT 124 is an exceptional model, but someone hasn’t washed it in 38 years. Here’s how everything changed in just a few hours of work.

Sometimes we find ourselves telling you about some really interesting episodes, which involve some of the most beautiful cars in all of history of the four wheels. Today’s story is about one Fiat 124, which you would think had never been washed for 38 years, which is a period of time that is really hard to believe.

FIAT washes 124 wrecks (Adobe Stock-YouTube)

However, consider that sometimes these episodes also feature supercars like Ferrari or Lamborghini, but for those of you who know 124, we’re sure seeing the photos posted below will be a real blow to the heart. Indeed, this little monster remained in the hearts of Italians, and like a whole era.

This is in fact one of the most represented FIAT companies in history, and in fact we often bring you some offers by enthusiasts. who would like to see her again in action. Indeed, the Turin house often brings out some models that bring models from the good old days to life, and many hope to review 124 Magazine with a modern twist. In the meantime, watch how the ’70s comeback came to life.

Fiat, this is how the abandoned 124 comes back to life

The FIAT 124 in question hasn’t been washed for an interesting period of time, around 38 years. The video showing the car wash has been uploaded to the channel in the past few hours Youtube AMMO New York CityAnd it is by no means new to operations of this kind, which have returned to the world cars that were ready to be destroyed.

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The pictures show the condition of this car, which is completely filled with dust and dirt, which was unable to move. In fact, as you will easily see, the Fiat It is completely soaked in dirt even in the hood part, putting all the gears at risk.

Skilled Cast Heroes is directed by Larry Kosella It was basic, and managed to get this great 124 back on its feet. It was one of the most beautiful and interesting models made by the Turin-based company, and Americans too, as can be seen in this video, are very fond of it.

A true Italian masterpiece

there Fiat Model 124 needs no introduction, but it certainly didn’t deserve the ending it ended up with. It is a car produced by Turin between 1966 and 1974, the year the company stopped building them, at the end of a very profitable run.

It was a model that was intended to be bought by the Italian petty bourgeoisie, since prices were not low at that time. It was equipped with an all-new 60-horsepower 4-cylinder engine in line with a side camshaft designed by Eng. Aurelio Lampredione of the most successful architects of the period and who signed many other masterpieces.

Several versions were made, such as the police family car and also some developments, which included both bodywork, mechanics and engine. Already at that time the Italian house was looking a lot at the foreign market, especially the Spanish and South American markets, for which some variants were built, but always very close to the original 124.

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In the video posted here, you have the opportunity to glimpse this incredible process, which brought to life a model whose fate seemed truly doomed. When you find yourself in front of these works of art, you can’t help but shake hands with those who saved this amazing model.

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