A ready-made hero gift for Spalletti, he will be a replacement for Mertens

He’s not keeping tabs on Napoli in the transfer market: for January, aside twanzebe Taken to replace Manolas, for now – and maybe also until Monday at 20 when the winter window closes – he’s been limited to a few surveys or loan applications with no results, but in June the big maneuvers have already begun. Given the technical renewal and above all the economic revolution, with a salary cap set at a maximum of 3.5 million, we expect several news and some goodbyes.

Mertens will leave Napoli except for surprises

After Insigne, the first to be sacrificed on the New Deal’s altar to budgets to be respected, will likely be the role of Mertens Leave Naples. The Belgian’s contract expires at the end of the season De Laurentiis He does not consider giving him another salary unless the attacker agrees to cut his current salary in half or more. However, the Giuntoli team has the alternative ready.

Raspadori’s gift to Spalletti if he goes to the Champions League

Spalletti gift called breakers, dioscoro skamka (Betrothed from inter) that appeal equally to all the big names. Relations with Sassuolo are good and Napoli would have snatched an option, but everything is linked to qualifying for the Champions League. If the blues enters the top 4 Raspadori can wear blue.

Giuntoli also loves Bajrami, 22, of Andreazzoli’s Empoli and Albania’s Reja national team and BerardiThe 27-year-old is a longtime fan of the Napoli club and may return to fashion if Lozano is sold.

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Fans split on the name Raspadori

The arrival of the first social reactions to the name of the Sassuolo bomber. Some are skeptical (“Scamka, rasppaduri, fratese, frapota, boubiga, ruvilla… a generation of exaggeration”) and others wait anxiously: “If it is true that we wanted Alvarez, try breakers It’s the corollary” and then: “Raspadori has a playmaker style but is an unusual attacker” and finally: “Raspadori is the best player in Sassuolo.”

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