what happens? Here is the answer

what happens?  Here is the answer

Together with Banca Intesa San Paolo and MPS (Monte dei Paschi di Siena), the group Unicredit It is one of the most important in our country, but it is also one of the most “problematic” because it has experienced various kinds of problems over the past few decades.

But what is the current situation of Unicredit, which turned out to be the second bank in terms of influence and prevalence in our country?

development and expansion

The Unicredit group was officially born in 1998 with the name Italian UniCredit from fusion Italian credit And the Unicredit. reputation International Banking Group It was born almost immediately, starting in the early 2000s: it began to cooperate with European governments such as the German and Polish governments for a greater presence than ever before, then with the aim of expanding into our country in 2007, Capitalia was formally incorporated.

In 2008, in the aftermath of the problematic global economic crisis, Unicredit was able to remain “independent” of direct government aid (unlike what happened to mbs for example).

“Unicredit risks bankruptcy”: what is happening? Here is the answer

Within a decade Unicredit had to turn to several capitals to “stay the same” and after the resignation of Alessandro Profumo, CEO and former President of Monte dei Paschi di Sienathe group has been reorganized, and some property is stripped or stripped such as Fineco and Mediobanca.

Unicredit has been “in profit” for several years even if the current situation, which also includes other large banking groups, also raises doubts about Unicredit’s stability. The failure hypothesis appears, at least in short – medium avoided period.

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In the past few days, the Unicredit Group has announced a successful merger by integrating the Cordusio SIM into UniCredit, while the group on the other hand is gradually reducing the number of branches, both of its own and belonging to banking groups controlled by Unicredit itself.

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