Animals, unexpected and incredible behaviors from the animal world of Rovereto

Animals, unexpected and incredible behaviors from the animal world of Rovereto

The journey of discovering the unexpected and the incredible begins at the Museum of Science and Archeology in Rovereto behaviors of the animal world. From May 5 to July 30 the temporary exhibition “Cats Know It. Incredible Behaviors of the Animal World” will be hosted, which celebrates the union between Art and scienceWith works by artist Laurina Paperina. It is a path of publication and imagination to discover the unexpected and amazing behaviors of squids, horseshoes, mantises, cats, octopuses, jays, dogs, chicks, carps, snails, dolphins and many other animals.

organized by Rovereto Civic Museum Foundation Conceived by Giulia Benami, Elisa Frasnelli and Gionata Stancher, the exhibition has been promoted by the Municipality of Rovereto, the Autonomous Province of Trento and the Community of Vallagarina, with the support of the Casa Rural Alto Garda Rovereto. The exhibition is based on the book of the same name “cats know” Written by Giulia Benami, recently published, it will accompany the audience on an exhilarating journey to discover the extraordinary world of animal behavior illustrated by the usual irony of Rovereto-born artist Lorena Peperina.

The exhibition is divided into sections “Under the Sea”, “All Down (and Up) on Earth” and “The Beautiful, the Ugly and the Magical”. The exhibition recounts and describes in a simple, entertaining and entertaining way, but no less rigorous, the results of important scientific studies, including research on animal cognition by CiMeC, the interdepartmental mind-brain center atUniversity of Trentowith which the zoological department of the museum has been cooperating for a long time.

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The recently renovated rooms will allow for “funny and colorful incursions” into the areas of animal ethology and cognition, testifying to how academic research can inspire the writing of science stories, and how much art can in turn contribute, making it more immediate and intuitive to understand. Conferences and meetings on the exhibition’s topics will also be held every Thursday during the month of May. The first appointment will mark the opening with the presentation of Julia Benami’s book Cats Know It, which gives the exhibition its title.

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