Masters Paris Percy – Musseti – Djokovic 0-2: The Serbian won 6-0, 6-3 and flies to the semi-finals. He will face Tsitsipas

Masters Paris Percy – Musseti – Djokovic 0-2: The Serbian won 6-0, 6-3 and flies to the semi-finals.  He will face Tsitsipas
No point in hiding, we expected a little more. The way Mussetti beat Rod Ushered in a balanced game, at least an interesting head-to-head game, and definitely not a game 6-0, 6-3 in 73 minutes of play. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case One of that night Tennis player from Carrara, who never managed to get into the game and suffered a lot squeezing a very luxurious version of Nole. Perhaps also some breathing problems for the Italian, plus tennis who literally didn’t walk. Shots in the middle of the field, very few winners, always exchanged in defense. Djokovic played at his best, like in Tel Aviv and the Astana Open, but surely that (and let’s just stress about today’s match) Mussetti helped him. Patience, for sure there will be other opportunities, Novak also wished him the same before the match, among other things. For the Serb, who instead has many reasons to smile in the present without thinking too much about the future, he is The eighth semi-finals in Paris Bercy, with the possibility of reaching the final for his seventh title. Definitely one of his favourites.

Novak Djokovic celebrates after beating Lorenzo Mussetti at Paris-Percy 2022

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Mussetti chews bitterness: ‘I did not deserve such a defeat’

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Match Report

In the first group there is little to say. In fact, very little. Djokovic wins it with a frightening flair, bending Musetti’s weak resistance in just over 20 minutes (24, to be exact). Break in the second half, break in the fourth and then the comfortable closing 6-0 With the third in a row. A terrible start to Lorenzo, who in addition to contract tennis (especially serving, but also backhand and forehand does not walk) also complains of some breathing problems, as if he can not break his breath. Counting points is almost a joke: 25 to 8 for the Serbian.

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The second part is a little better. The first two games are a pivot, then Djokovic charges with a blank pass and Musetti exploits it like a bird of prey. Service and rest 2-1. The match turns in a second, so much so that Mussetti finds himself ahead after 38 minutes without winning a match. However, the credit, if we may call it that, must be shared with the Serb, who misses almost everything and leaves room for the Italians. Finally, there seems to be a game, we think, but just as quickly as he finds himself in the lead, Mussetti is back in for a fall. Kontrobrik from Knoll, convenient service then break againfifth in the match, which directs the match definitively. The final reads 6-3 and the eighth semi-final in the Belgrade cannibal Bercy.

Musseti: “A heavy victory, I deserved a beautiful Margarita!”

Striker also Tsitsipas, if he will deal with Nole

It took 78 minutes, five minutes ahead of Djokovic, and conceded 6 matches, three times more than the former world number one, but the result was the same. Stefanos Tsitsipas broke the pass for the semi-finals of the last Masters 1000 this year by defeating American Tommy Ball 6-2, 6-4. A match similar to the Serbian’s match for the original Athens: always in management, a bit of compulsion and surgery in the break area, both in attack and defense (10/10, 7 saves and 3 wins). Tomorrow evening, in the main event at the Accor Arena, he will face the 6-times champion for the eleventh time: the balance is 8-2 for the Serbian, but Stefanos wants to fight until the last match.

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Fury Tsitsipas: Right from the baseline

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Djokovic crowns Musseti: ‘He has a bright future ahead’

17 hours ago

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Djokovic dominates Khachanov and takes the lead with Musseti

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