You no longer need to buy an apartment to be able to rent it

You no longer need to buy an apartment to be able to rent it

Coliving, Senior Living, Crowdfunding s Environmental housing They are just some of the new concepts that apply to housing investing. In the midst of the housing crisis that we are experiencing in our country, we can also invest in this type of asset.

When thinking about investing in housing, the first idea that comes to your mind is to buy a rental apartment. The yield was about 7% before interest rates rose, but has now fallen to 3% to 4% when we take into account the cost of the mortgage. But surprisingly, 60% of the state's investments are made in cash (600,000 homes in 2023).

The big drawback for the small investor is the lack of access. Don't we all have €250,000 available in our account to buy an apartment tomorrow? For this reason, companies and platforms have emerged that allow you to invest in homes with an amount starting from just 500 euros. Using the concept in English, the process is usually similar: we make a shared pot of money until we reach the required amount of investment and we divide the profit based on the ratio that corresponds to each of us.

What mainly changes is the destination of investment. While the Symbiodinium It is based on renting a room where an apartment is shared Senior living It means housing for the elderly, which is located between the apartment and the residence. Finally, theEnvironmental housing Refers to “traditional” housing where the construction, renovation or materials are considered sustainable. Many concepts like fiction.

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Using either formula, the result is the same: a reduced supply of housing available for families in traditional long-term rentals. While this part is required for regulation, the market has long ago discovered new formulas (that do not conflict with the law) to continue working.

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