Lidl or Eurospin? Between the two fights.. the best discount for quality/price

Lidl or Eurospin?  Between the two fights.. the best discount for quality/price

One of the most prominent phenomenaYes in recent years. Feverish search for discount supermarket.

A phenomenon, of course, but in many cases it is also a real needYou don’t need to spend a lot on your daily shopping. Thus the link between the citizen and the discount supermarket was born in our country, but it is also evident elsewhere. in our country In the early nineties This phenomenon somehow invaded the customs of the citizens and then disappeared and resumed after a few years.

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Choose to go shopping In the supermarket at reduced prices, it is often a cause for debate, sometimes even heated among citizens. In some cases, it is believed that the quality of the products is more than poor, so the lower prices will mainly arise from this. In other cases instead The low price is due to the lack of advertising of the respective brand, a dynamic that somehow will not make it as a result price hike.

In short, either way The reasons can be considered valid, common or not, but the fact remains in the end that everyone can think about spending their money, It may be few or many the way you prefer. Whether it’s inferior or poorly advertised products, there are some additional reviews that can definitely do that affect or not But that leaves time when they find out regarding a previous selection already announced with the decision.

Italians loved and sought after: a list of the best discount supermarkets in our country

The idea to make a list of the best discount supermarkets in our country came to the well-known Altroconsumo platform. In the specific case, the answers given to a type of survey were checked by more than 9 thousand members. The online survey included questions about where it is better to shop these days, find lower prices etc. The results revealed a fairly clear picture of the situation. Among the brands on Italian soil, the one that allows you to find a higher savings margin is Aldi.

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Thus, the ranking of the cheapest and most convenient discount stores for citizens is the following:

  • ALDI
  • Eurospin
  • Grand Prix
  • you hate
  • MD . discount
  • more
  • Lidl
  • in
  • beni market
  • to dis

Fifth place for Md, one of the most famous discount brands in our country. The brand, which currently holds 15% of the market share of the segment, clearly indicates the discount segment. The company was founded in Gricignano d’Aversa in 1994 by Patrizio Podini. 800 points of sale distributed in 19 regions Italians, 7000 employees and turnover of 2.75 billion in 2019. In 2017, merger with supermarkets under Ld.

The search criteria, as defined by Altroconsumo, took into account “the absolute minimum expenditure, that is, by selecting the cheapest product on the shelf”. 125 different product categories Analyze it and use it as a sample. According to Mediobanca, in the last 15 years, Italians have completely changed the way they shop. to affect something strongly It was also the crisis of hypermarkets, which lost 6% of their total shares, moving from 32.6% in 2007 to 26.5% in 2021.

Instead, the presence increased From those that are a tough opponent compared to the last fifteen years with a growth of 150% equal to 21.7% of the market. Low price and suggestion private brand products The winning weapon for these new business contexts.

The success of this formula It is associated with much lower prices than other properties, a strategy that has become possible Provide products to customers with their own brand. Boom new openings It clearly stems from this dynamic as well. However, classic supermarkets continue to maintain a decent segment of the market, however, 43.1% in 2021.

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The classic self-service shop It is still in the tail with a significant halving of market share from 15.9 to 8.67%. reliable image The current Italian situation is valid.

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