ATMs, credit cards, and commissions: How much do merchants charge to pay using POS

ATMs, credit cards, and commissions: How much do merchants charge to pay using POS

from June 30 Decree-Law No. 36 It identified penalties for merchants and professionals who do not allow their customers to pay fines through points of sale leave From 30 euros plus 4 per cent of the rejected transaction. But so far the fines lifted by Finance Police They are few. Shop owner refused to pay an amount 1.80 € With an ATM in Adria in the province of Rovigo received a visit from Finance Police. But in the end, the yellow flames didn’t drown him out. Instead, he received one of the first penalties Ice cream shop in Vicenza for 20 euros. But Merchants No POS I many: They say they don’t want to provide any service to the banks and argue that accepting credit card payments is uneconomic due to fees. But how much does it cost for traders to get points of sale? And how much does it cost to accept payments by credit or debit card?

Rent, maintenance, expenses

printing Today it is clarified that the documents signed by the clients of Italian banks indicate this The cost can be up to 5% of the amount. And we have to add to this as well Site rent, non-recurring expenses and any maintenance. In the case of seasonal activity there is an increase in the cost 50%. But up to 5 euros Committees Reset. While the minimum numbers are higher Starting at 50 cents. However, it should be noted that Until December 31, 2022 It has increased since then 30% to me 100% Tax exemption on commissions. until the June 30 The rule also applies to the rent of the center but the procedure has not been renewed.

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In 2021 they were 4.2 million Point-of-sale assets according to Bank of Italy data. Instead, credit and debit cards were in circulation 106 millionWhile 38% of all payments in 2021 (equivalent to €806 billion) were settled electronically. EU lowered exchange fees 0.2% when using ATMs and 0.3% for credit or debit cards. But at the moment no small Italian merchant is paying these percentages. Average commission paid 0.9%. The 0.54% It ends up in international circuits such as Visa or Mastercard. The rest is the prerogative of Italian banks. For small traders, the account is up to1.32%. The 0.78%In this case, the lenders end up with it.

Contracts are negotiated individually

However, it should be noted that these are marginal numbers, which, for example, do not take into account additional fixed costs. How Buying or renting websites. Unicredit makes you pay 100 EUR to which a monthly fee is added. This is swinging Between 30 and 80 euros. Bank Piazza Cordusio holds between 2.25 and the 2.3% of transactions with Pagobancomat. For credit card transactions, you pay fees ranging from 3.55 to me 4%. Intesa San Paolo charges the Pos activation fee €200. Monthly fees vary from 15th to me 80 Euro but with an increase 50% for seasonal exercise. Commissions range from1.8% For Pagobancomat until 4.45% for credit cards. However, most contracts are negotiated individually and based on the average number of transactions guaranteed by the merchant.

Electronic payments are then excluded from the norm contact How Apple Pay And the Saturday. European directive PSD2 It enforced impartiality with respect to payment systems and ensured equal operating conditions for existing and new payment service providers. Meanwhile, consumers are also packaging. Provides new cost model for ATM withdrawals » Maximum commission 1.50 EUR For the current 1.83 euros on average tip 2 euros. In addition, the commission will be applied by the bank that holds the ATM (as is already the case in other European countries). These new methods involve average consumer savings equal to 0.30 about a cent 500 million From annual operations (Bancomat data) to more than 150 million euros The lowest costs for users.” The associations request that it be implemented as soon as possible.

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