Anti-Twitter is the fastest growing app ever

Threads wins its challenge, at least in quantitative terms. With 100 million new users in just five days, Mark Zuckerberg Meta anti-Twitter – which officially debuted on the 6th of July – set a new record by becoming the fastest growing online app/service ever. This was revealed by Quiver Quantitative, a data analytics and financial technology platform. At the same time, the social network of Elon Musk’s tweets leaves traffic posts on the street, despite his participation It still has around 350 million active users. The Meta app even outperformed the previous app ChatGPT logs Which at the beginning of the year reached the same number of subscribers in one month.

How to install it in Europe (and why it’s dangerous)

The rapid growth of filaments is due in large part to the ability to reach With your Instagram username and passwordwhich has around 2 billion active subscribers globally each month.
Although the topics Available only in the United States and Great Britain For reasons related to data processing and protection of subscribers’ privacy (here you can find out more), Many European users are still able to install it.
and the two conditions to do so in order, Be aware of the risks you are taking And I don’t have an iPhone. In fact, the only way to download themes is from Third party storesis not available on Apple phones (although Europe wants to force this possibility), but is easily accessible on a smartphone with Android operating system. But be warned: entering stores other than the Google Play Store, or even worse, downloading .apk files that allow you to install apps on Android, is less secure. This practice can be worn on the phone Apps that contain malware or malware that breach the security of the devices on which they are installed.

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Third party stores: ApkMirror and ApkPure

An example of an alternative store where threads are available ApkMirror (where Apk stands for Android Package Collection), which can be accessed without having to install the app. ApkMirror displays the A list of different “threads” apps from which you can choose and download the one compatible with your Android version.
There is also an alternative Akp Puremore easy to use because with Interface more similar to the Play Store.

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