Lidl has a hair straightening brush

Lidl has a hair straightening brush

Smooth your hair without further complications and at your own expense This hair straightening brush from Lidl has everything to give you perfect results. Ergonomic design, with a long cable for better handling and multiple heat levels to choose from.

It's the star brush in the Lidl appliances section

Lidl already has the brush everyone wants to have at home to straighten their hair Without spending hours and hours waiting for results. It is a comfortable and practical brush powered by ions that works directly on the hair, making it easier to straighten.

With just a few swipes, you'll start to notice a difference, so you won't want to go back to the iron once you have it at home. This brush features variable temperatures that adapt to different hair types and needs From 120 to 180 degrees CelsiusThus it becomes a brush with professional functions.

You can buy it now at Lidl

Lidl brush

To provide better straightening and contribute to the care of your hair, this brush contains keratin and ceramic, which also adds a more natural and shiny look so that it always looks radiant.

It has an LED display that allows you to see the temperature When this is on or off. A design that also bets on comfort, with a keyed lock to prevent accidents.

It has 360-degree joints, so comfort when using it is very high, plus there is a loop for hanging in case you need to take a break. One of its great features is that it heats up quickly, which gives you faster straightening of your hair.

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As for the measurements, we can tell you that this brush has some Dimensions 25,8 x 6,4 x 5 cm, so you already have an idea of ​​the use you can give it. As for weight, it is a relatively light brush, as its weight does not exceed 500 grams.

Its price has convinced many, as you can get this brush from Lidl for €16.99.

You can buy it now at Lidl

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