Goodbye gasoline for cars

Goodbye gasoline for cars

With the advent of diesel and gasoline, this new discovery could change everything. Here’s what’s missing until it’s ready to go.

The past few weeks have been very difficult for motorists. The skyrocketing price of petrol and diesel has strained the pockets of Italians. But there may be light at the end of the tunnel. We may soon have a new type of fuel, which may save us money.

Dear Petroleum (web source)

On February 24, Russia’s Vladimir Putin decided to invade Ukraine. Unfortunately, we are heading into two months of conflict. who brought death and destruction. But also serious damage to the global economy, affecting citizens.

Among those, of course, Increase in consumption and fuel. Gasoline and diesel have exceeded 2 euros in recent weeks and even cost the same. To stop the price hike, the Italian government headed by Mario Draghi has supplied Temporary reduction of production feesResulting in lower prices.

Now it seems that the executive branch is directed towards Extended discount by 25 cents On the sale of petrol and diesel fees for the months of May and June. The current discount, in fact, will expire on May 2. The Def, approved by Cabinet last week, provides $5 billion in aid to families and businesses. The extension until June will not be funded by the 25 percent discount on production fees in the amount of $5 billion, but with additional excise duties collected by the state in the early months of 2022.

But it clearly cannot go on indefinitely. So it is a good idea to consider an alternative. There is already electricity in the market as we know. But we also know that the infrastructures for recharging green vehicles in Italy are still very few. But, fortunately, science can help us.

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new fuel

The discovery is not far from Italy. Especially from Switzerland. So Synhelion has developed the so-called solar fuel, which can be used in any engine running on any fuel.. All this through a solar receiver that facilitates the production of very high temperatures.

Solar Energy (web source) 16.4.2022
Solar Energy (web source)

The heat generated is converted into synthesis gas, a mixture that turns into a fuel such as gasoline or diesel. From here, you can obviously start the car and walk. In addition, Synhelion believes it can make a significant impact in the aviation industry.

The first tests will prove that Perfect Jobs of new fuel. Which unfortunately Not currently being marketed. So the company is trying to overcome this unimportant hurdle. By upgrading solar energy, liquid fuels will be saved immediately with a 50-100% reduction in environmental impact. On the other hand, the implementation of this solar technology is also in the cement industry.

We will keep you informed.

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