Construction bonuses, stop revenue on the sale of risky loans

Construction bonuses, stop revenue on the sale of risky loans

Messages from the agency have made more than one career leap to their seats, especially since they arrived a few days before the April 29 deadline by which house bonuses related to 2021 expenses can be sold. Technically, these communications derive from the last action on 1 December (Form 340450/2021), which organized the preventive controls introduced by the Anti-fraud Ordinance. Control criteria are not disclosed in detail, but they can indicate, for example, past wrongdoing by the taxpayer himself or an exorbitant number of sales.

Required Documents

Among the offices that sent the messages, was the 1st Provincial Directorate in Rome, but the signal seems to have begun at the central level.

Information requests are directed to the broker who sent the put or discount option. The subject that usually coincides with the person who placed the compliance visa. It is clear, however, that the required documents are those that normally have to be seen in order to apply for a visa; So those who acted only as a mediator may not be able to respond. Required documents include:

1) consent to comply;

2) a certificate of “energy efficiency” (possibly to be understood as a certificate of compliance with technical requirements);

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