Juventus asks Pogba for a counter-analysis: What happens now? first page

Juventus asks Pogba for a counter-analysis: What happens now?  first page

Two days after the positive news of doping, Paul Pogba requested an antigen test after traces of testosterone were found in his blood on August 20 at the end of the match between Udinese and Juventus. The results are expected to appear within seven days, and then a double scenario will open: If Pogba tests negative for testosterone, he will be able to continue playing without any risk of disqualificationHowever, if the result is confirmed, the player will defend himself before the anti-doping court in an attempt to prove that he was not aware of taking the substance.

Risk of exclusion – If it turns out that the player was not truly conscious, the risk of disqualification reaches a maximum of two years, However, if this gesture turns out to be voluntary, the disqualification will be doubled. Once it is determined how long he will have to stay out of action, Juventus will act accordingly: The club’s idea is to go beyond suspending the salary, to try to negotiate the termination of the contract So he doesn’t keep paying for a player who may be unavailable for years. Meanwhile, the results of the counter-analysis are expected in the next few days, another step for Paul in a tunnel in which he no longer seems to see the light.

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