Mae, Taberna Kamikaze and La Taverna del Clínic are included in the Michelin Guide

Mae, Taberna Kamikaze and La Taverna del Clínic are included in the Michelin Guide

What better way to end the month of February, gastronomically speaking, than to discover that Barcelona is adding three more establishments to its recommendations Gioia Michelin 2024. It's about the restaurant Mai, Kamikaze Pub and Clinic PubThree Barcelona restaurants are added to the list of local establishments featured in the prestigious guide.

Although the stars and medals were awarded at a ceremony in Barcelona on 28 November, it is also true that every month the guide inspectors add to the discoveries they make around the region, proposals that are announced on the last Wednesday of every month. In February, they recognized Barcelona's gastronomic talent.

Six months since its opening in Saint Gervasi

Del Mai Barcelona, ​​at Carrer de Sant Elis, 22 years old, highlights what she has to offer “Local cuisine with global pantry” With dishes that combine products from different cultures “Fulfilling the dream of three friends of different nationalities”. The film follows Germán Espinosa (Spain) and Diego Mondragon (Colombia), at the stove in a restaurant run by Mariela Rodriguez (Costa Rica). The culinary result allows you to travel from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean in every bite. An executive menu during the week and two tasting menus complete the menu. The Michelin Guide recommends tasting a dish of clams, tomatoes, seaweed and yellow pepper. “A truly delicious, attractive and addictive dish”Read the recommendation.

In an Instagram post, the restaurant's administrators explained that since its opening, “good things keep happening to us” and that they are celebrating this Wednesday. “Having been listed in the prestigious Red Guide as a new recommended restaurant. Without a doubt the best news we could receive to celebrate the first six months of our lives.. Speaking to Petev, Espinosa explained that they learned of the inspectors' decision a month ago “We had to keep the news a secret. We are excited about the news. We are happy, surprised and delighted that in a very short time we have received so much appreciation.”.

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A project of two chefs who met at Disfrutar

Other suggestions with Barcelona DNA included in the guide include Taberna Kamikaze, on Carrer del Rosselló, 197. The highlight of this restaurant is that it is run by two chefs who shared work at Disfrutar and enjoyed a project together. It is Enric Buendia and Aristide Ribalta with a creative proposal that “reviews Asian gastronomy from a Mediterranean perspective with surprising presentations and nods to Catalan cuisine”.

Photography: Munyo Munyo

“Respects all flavors of life.”

Barcelona's third addition to the guide is a classic of local gastronomy, La Taverna del Clínic. It is also located on Carrer del Rosselló, number 155, according to Michelin inspectors, “A family tradition house that loves stews and respects all the flavors of life but modernizes the preparations.”. Inspectors point out that it is easy to “be attracted by the display of fish that has just arrived from nearby fish shops.”

Photography: Javi Bueno

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