Bringing together artists, cultural actors and the public: this is the goal of the festival “People won’t like this”

Bringing together artists, cultural actors and the public: this is the goal of the festival “People won’t like this”

Until Sunday, several municipalities in Girona’s provinces are hosting the second edition of the live arts festival “The City Won’t Like This”, which aims to bring together and be a meeting point for artists, creators of proposals, cultural agents and the public.

Atresbandes, which usually tours across Europe, kicked off this year’s edition of the festival in Olot, with a screening of “The Global Side of a Question”, a work intended to highlight what is new and enhance the viewer’s focus on what exists. As we have seen, everyday life and everything that humans do on a daily basis. The characters in this show go to the pool, camping, and argue with each other among many other situations. “What we see is a wandering of completely different characters. Here the actors take on hundreds of characters and continue to create scenes. They create frijoli to question the global aspect of the planet issue and how we live on this planet. Tina Busquets, head of the performing arts department at Olot Cultura and the festival, explains how This lifestyle is ridiculous, and the company portrays it on stage.

The first edition of the festival was held last year and the organizers say they have reaped some fruits: “I think the first edition of the festival went well for us to work with new dynamics and create dynamics with the artists of the regions of the region.” “Northeast to be closer and get to know the agents, artists and audience better,” confirms Tina Busquets.

The festival began in Olot on Thursday with a meeting open to all, with existing artistic projects showcased and recognized through a file of the Revista de Girona where you can find proposals submitted in the area.

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This year, the festival will also have large-scale events, which will take place during the next few days of June. In Mires on Sunday, June 9, in the Nyamnyam space, from 12 noon to 6 p.m., “If you don’t want dust, don’t come to the afternoon” will take place, a course framed in contemporary artistic practices that will include theatrical performances, exhibitions, concerts and film screenings, Among other activities. At Meres, artists have a residency that expands the course’s work throughout the year. There will be Montpellier, Nuria Coromenes, Los Sara Fontaine and Marta Azbarin. On the festival’s website you can view the rest of the activities taking place throughout the debut period (

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